Monday, May 31, 2010

I Heart Blogger Land

Isn't blogger land a wonderful place!? I just heart (love) it!

Ummm ... not so sure hubby would agree. But I love the creativeness it allows me to have as I design my blogsite and as I write.

This week I have met a new blogging friend named Cate. What a sweet lady and inspiring writer.

Today I've spent most of the day (reason why hubby doesn't heart blogger land so much) giving my blog a few final tweaks.

The other day I finished reading a book about blogging. A book that hubby got me for Mother's Day - silly guy.

Since, I've already shared the fact that I'm a planner and love being organized, I guess it's no surprise that I have lists and plans for my blog as well. Right? Right!

One of the satisfying things about making a list is checking things off as I complete them. Lots of things checked off today. Ahhh - sigh of happiness from the planner in me......

A hint for successful blogging is to have a few posts already written and ready...... I have two pages of ideas in a note book and a few outlines drafted.


Also, to keep visitors interested you need to post at least three times a week...... I really don't have time for three posts a week. And of course I'm blogging for joy and don't want it to become a chore I check off my "To Do" list. However, I think I can manage twice a week. Details on this soon.


Plus, add pictures. I am not much of a photographer and hate dragging a camera around. Now, hubby, he's the photographer. Perhaps a new camera for Christmas and he'll join in this blogger land fun with some pictures for my posts.

Future Check!

And don't forget the occasional contest or giveaway. Now this one I am really excited about! I plan on having a giveaway in July for the six month anniversary of my blog.

Happy Check!

Yes, I heart blogger land and the joy, creativity, friends and fun it brings me. I'm wondering what do you love about blogger land?

So, friend, please know I heart you, too!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sometimes it's just the little things ~ Part 2

Sometimes it's just the little things in life... like my happy little sunflower. Last week I shared how it makes me smile. This week I'm thinking about the little things in life that stir up memories.

Little things we see, hear, taste, smell, etc can bring back a memory - good or bad. Even though I want my blog's focus to be about the positive things in life that bring Hope & Joy, I also want to keep it real. So ya know - life is just hard sometimes. And I find that the painful memories can overtake the joyful ones.

This month of May is one of the harder months of the year for me. Both Mother's Day and my Kyle's birthday fall in May. So I find myself with tears in my eyes or a lump in my throat a lot. Sometimes it seems that everywhere I turn there is a reminder of my son. It's just pretty much the normal every day type of little things that stir up these memories.

Like seeing a big black Ford F150.... that's what Kyle drove and was so proud of
or drinking an iced coffee... Kyle introduced me to flavored iced coffee (with extra cream & extra sugar of course)
or driving past Taco Bell.... his favorite was a double-decker taco with nacho cheese on it (at least twice a week)
or hearing a siren in the distance.... there were a lot of sirens the day Kyle died
or just any "little thing" and every "little thing"

Now, any of these little things can bring back a good and/or a bad memory. I am finding that most times I am able to focus on the good, but not always and it can be hard. It is a choice that I make each time. It's hardest when I can't link it to a good memory and I'm left remembering only the pain.

When that happens I go to my "bottom line" and remind myself that my Kyle is with Jesus and I will see him again. My "bottom bottom line" is he is now safe and happy. Because of his addictions to alcohol and drugs, he had pretty much lost all joy and hope. His choices brought him many regrets and much sadness. He wanted so much to change his life. We worried about him constantly. So, my knowing he is now safe and happy is maybe a little thing, but for a momma who soooo misses her son and loves him even more - it is a big thing. And a comforting thing.

So, friend - there is no denying life is hard and sometimes it's just the little things that bring the tears. But, I can still find hope & joy in life. I can... if I choose to. Sometimes it takes going to my "bottom line". It's my choice. After the pain and after the tears, it's the little choices of faith, hope, and prayer that makes the difference. Hey, that sounds like a good idea for a post for another day - "Sometimes it's just the little choices in life".

Wishing you happy "little things" in life,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sometimes it's just the little things ~ Part 1

The last few weeks I have come to the conclusion that sometimes it's just the little things in life that can make all the difference.

While I was giving my blog it's facelift I told hubby I needed to get a sunflower. Then he could take a picture. Then I could use that picture to make my grab button for my blog. I'm not sure he totally understood why I needed to go get a sunflower or what a grab button was.

He was so sweet to go with me to the store on a Sunday afternoon. He knew how hard I was working to pretty up my blog. Of course, me being me, we needed to take my picture by the back fence before the sun went down. And so he went outside and took the perfect picture for me. Actually, he took about ten to give me a selection to pick the "perfect" picture from. After 34 years of marriage he knew I would definitely need more than one picture. He realized long ago that I am a bit of a perfectionist.

When we were done I put the sunflower, in it's cheap little pot, out on my back porch. I could see it from my kitchen window. I watched the buds turn into flowers. And each time I looked out there I smiled at my little sunflower. I can't explain it, but it made me happy just seeing it sit out there.

I never really knew what a happy flower the sunflower is. But, I think it made me smile more because of what it represented to me. It was just a little thing that my husband went out to the store with me. It was just a little thing for him to take the pictures. Ummm... and maybe not such a little thing that he was patient to get supper a wee bit late that evening. All of this shows me in little ways that he loves me in a big way.

Now, when I sign on to my blog I see the happy little sunflower button I made and I smile. It's a sense of accomplishment for me. Before entering "blogland" I didn't even know what an HTML was, never mind how to edit it. It also reminds me that I've been blessed with a great hubby.

Sometimes, it's just the little things - that makes us smile, feel joy, bring hope and know we are loved.

So friend, I am wondering.... can you think of a little thing that has brought you joy? I'd love to hear about it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lead, Guide or Walk Beside?

Lately I've been spending quite a bit of time giving my blog a facelift. I've learned a lot, enjoyed being creative and have had a blast personalizing it. One thing I've added at the bottom of the page is a cute little button with sunflowers. It says "Lead me, Guide me, Walk beside me".

I really like that saying. I so want to walk out my life in a good way. I rely on the Lord to show me that way. It is a comfort to know I can go to Him for help and guidance. However, as I've considered my blog button a little more - I'm thinking I only really like the first two parts of that saying. The last part I'm not so sure about.

The reason is, when I need to make a decision, especially a life changing one, I want a "yes" or "no" answer from the Lord. I want an open or closed door. I'm cool with either one - just let me know what I am to do. I guess that way of thinking is pretty much part of my personality. Perhaps, those of us who see life in black & white, right & wrong are just more likely to feel this way. As I have thought about my cute little sunflower button, I realized that it's this part of my personality that doesn't like that last part.

The "lead me" part is easy. Go ahead Lord show me what to do, lead the way and I'll follow the best I can.

The "guide me" part is simple. Just guide me.... a little nudge this way, a detour that way and I'll go down the right path.

At first "walk beside me" sounds so comforting. What a better friend to have walking beside me as I travel through life. Right? Well, yes, of course. But, I want more - I want guidance. Give me answers.

As I consider all of this, I'm beginning to wonder - could the "guide me" part actually be the best part? When hubby and I take a walk - we walk side by side. No one leads. Neither guides the other. We just enjoy the time together. It gives us some much needed exercise. While we walk we talk - about problems, decisions and our dreams. It is one way we stay connected.

Well now, I think I'm going to change my mind on this one. I see that as the Lord walks beside me we have sweet fellowship. That is the time I share my dreams, hopes, worries and ask for guidance. When I don't get those yes & no answers I must exercise my faith. Not a bad thing. Best of all - as we walk along we stay connected.

So, friend, what part of my cute little sunflower button do you like the best? I'd love to know - Lead, Guide or Walk Beside?