Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lead, Guide or Walk Beside?

Lately I've been spending quite a bit of time giving my blog a facelift. I've learned a lot, enjoyed being creative and have had a blast personalizing it. One thing I've added at the bottom of the page is a cute little button with sunflowers. It says "Lead me, Guide me, Walk beside me".

I really like that saying. I so want to walk out my life in a good way. I rely on the Lord to show me that way. It is a comfort to know I can go to Him for help and guidance. However, as I've considered my blog button a little more - I'm thinking I only really like the first two parts of that saying. The last part I'm not so sure about.

The reason is, when I need to make a decision, especially a life changing one, I want a "yes" or "no" answer from the Lord. I want an open or closed door. I'm cool with either one - just let me know what I am to do. I guess that way of thinking is pretty much part of my personality. Perhaps, those of us who see life in black & white, right & wrong are just more likely to feel this way. As I have thought about my cute little sunflower button, I realized that it's this part of my personality that doesn't like that last part.

The "lead me" part is easy. Go ahead Lord show me what to do, lead the way and I'll follow the best I can.

The "guide me" part is simple. Just guide me.... a little nudge this way, a detour that way and I'll go down the right path.

At first "walk beside me" sounds so comforting. What a better friend to have walking beside me as I travel through life. Right? Well, yes, of course. But, I want more - I want guidance. Give me answers.

As I consider all of this, I'm beginning to wonder - could the "guide me" part actually be the best part? When hubby and I take a walk - we walk side by side. No one leads. Neither guides the other. We just enjoy the time together. It gives us some much needed exercise. While we walk we talk - about problems, decisions and our dreams. It is one way we stay connected.

Well now, I think I'm going to change my mind on this one. I see that as the Lord walks beside me we have sweet fellowship. That is the time I share my dreams, hopes, worries and ask for guidance. When I don't get those yes & no answers I must exercise my faith. Not a bad thing. Best of all - as we walk along we stay connected.

So, friend, what part of my cute little sunflower button do you like the best? I'd love to know - Lead, Guide or Walk Beside?

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