Monday, October 18, 2010

Sweet 35

Wow! 35 years!

Yep, hubby & I just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary.  I'm so thankful for living this life with him by my side and me by his side.

We've lived in 2 states, 6 cities and 8 homes.
We've had the joy of raising 2 sons.
We've had the pleasure of welcoming 1 wonderful daughter-in-law into our family.
We've had to say "good-bye" way too soon to 1 son who is safe in heaven with Jesus.

When we got married 35 years ago we made some promises to each other and to God. You know the ones, those traditional wedding vows promising to love each other.....

... in Sickness & in  Health ~
Of course, like anyone else we've experienced both sickness and health. Actually, I think it's kind of funny that when we got married hubby had a cast on his foot up to just below the knee from a broken shin bone. (Ummm, have I mentioned that I sometimes have a weird sense of humor?)   Also, hubby has been on disability and unable to work for the last 26 years. As for me, I've fought depression on & off most of my adult life. It's a chemical imbalance type of thing. (I heart Zoloft) But, when you're 18 & 21 years old you don't think about that stuff. Maybe with the whole "cast on the foot thing" we should have?  *giggle*

... for Better & for Worse ~
Well, ya know, life happens and we've had better and we've had worse.  In fact, about 8 years ago, we {our marriage} almost didn't make it.  As I look back on that time, I realize we were each being selfish in our own way. Selfishness has no place in a healthy marriage. It's by the grace of God and fervent prayer - mostly prayed by hubby - that our marriage was healed.

... for Richer & Poorer ~
We are definitely richer! Yea! 
No, we don't live in a mansion. We don't have 3 cars, 1 boat, a maid and go on vacations to Bermuda or anything like that. We don't even have a retirement fund. But, I'd say we're richer now than on the day we got married. After living so much of life together I think it's bound to happen.
We are rich in memories - 35 years of memories. We have a rich appreciation for life and especially our life lived together. We have a richer love for each other. We have a  richer commitment to our marriage. We truly are each other's BFF.

... till death do us part ~
Yep that's gonna be us - together forever.

Actually, I think our computer's screen saver sums up these 35 years together pretty well -
Tom Loves Debbie..... 
& Debbie Loves Tom......
Forever, For Always and No Matter What!!!