Tuesday, November 20, 2018

25,6,1 & 11

Hey there friend!

Kinda a weird "title"?  All numbers.

And noooo, it's not numbers for a winning lottery ticket.

It's how long I got to be Kyle's mom … 25 years, 6  months and 1 day.
Before he went home to live with Jesus in heaven 11 years ago.

I'm still "Kyle's mom". Always will be.

Here is a favorite picture:

I think he was helping a friend work on his car. A hammer wouldn't be my tool of choice, but oh well, boys!

When I see my Kyle Matthew in this photo I smile back. 

I mean how can you not?! 
… the joy?
… the love for life?
… the being always ready to help a friend?
… and always wanting to be doing something? 

Today, with the Lord's help, I will focus on this picture and the things that brought joy to my life by being "Kyle's mom" for 25,6,1

And that 11? Well, yea, I've missed him and thought of him -  every. single. day. 
But once again, as another year has gone by, it means I am one year closer to seeing that wonderful smile of his again.  

God is forever faithful! 

Love ya!

Hello again!

Hey there friends!

Hope all is well. Ummmm…… it's been quite awhile since I've stopped in.  Are you still there?

I've truly missed writing and sharing life with you. I'm praying for a fresh vision for my place here.... nothing drastic. Still love my layout. It still feels like home.

It's been almost a year since I last stopped in. The windows need to be opened wide to let some fresh air in. And hopefully some fresh inspiration to write.

I'm dusting off things and clearing out the cobwebs here at Finding Hope & Joy.

I've got to get back to this place of processing life {writing has a way of doing that for me}, the joy of sharing what the Lord is doing in my life and hopefully encouraging you along the way.

So "Hello again". Looking forward to meeting again real soon!

Love ya!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy Monday Morning ~ Who You Can Count On

Hi friend!!!

Happy Monday Morning! 

I thought this would be a great way to start our week and this second Monday of the New Year.

Yes my friend, it's a crazy and sometimes scary world we live in.

So thankful that I know Who I can always count on......

.... for help
.... to never forsake me
.... is forever faithful
.... who's love for me is never ending

I sure hope you know it, too.

Love ya,