Monday, January 31, 2011

Two Old + One New = Three Just Right

In the near future I'll be attempting a complete make-over of my blog home here at Finding Hope & Joy.   I've found the cutest paper, buttons and ribbons.  I've also discovered some very helpful sites with awesome tutorials.

I love to redecorate and be creative!

As I've been planning what I want to change I've been trying to think of a catchy "tag line" for my header.  Really can't think of one. I think it's because I can't say anything in just a few words (that whole "gift of gab" thing I suffer from). Plus, there's also the creative brain freeze that sometimes happens to me when writing.

And so I've decided to use this Bible verse:

"May the God of hope fill you with
all joy and peace as you trust in Him."
Romans 15:13

So what do you think?  I'm thinking it really expresses what the purpose of my blog has become..... for me and hopefully for those who stop by and visit. This new verse will be a sweet greeting on my blog home's front porch.

After I decided that this verse would work and I took a closer look I was amazed at three words that fit together just right.

Do you see the two "old" words? They're the two words that are all about why I started to blog.

There's Hope and than there's Joy.  These are two things that were being renewed in my life after my journey through grief. The changes the Lord was starting in me a year ago are what gave me the desire to record and share them here.

But it was that one "new" word that suddenly caught my eye and made me smile .... Trust.

You see trust  is my "One Word for 2011".  The word that I picked to write about, but just couldn't figure out what to write. I just kinda gave up on this whole One Word thing here in blog land.  Hmmmm, guess I was a little too quick on that.

So friend, I'll be writing about my "One Word for 2011" after all as I share how the Lord weaves hope, joy & trust together in my life.

Now, I have three words that are just right for my make-over. And three special words to greet you each time you stop by to visit.

Pretty cool, don't ya think?!

BTW ~ Since a year ago I didn't even know what HTML was, this whole redo may take a little while. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

To Thine Own Self......

I just can't do it.  I can't pick my word.  My "One Word for 2011".  Nope it's not gonna happen.

It's not that I can't think of some good words. It's not like I can't think of some areas in my life that need to change. And I really did want to play along here in blog land. Maybe even link up with another blogger who is week by week featuring our words.


The truth is I had a word. Even made a cute acrostic for it. But than I felt like it wasn't the right word. So, I chose another one. No cute acrostic to go with this one.  And no problem there, I was going to ask you for acrostic ideas. Some of you were very clever doing this when you made comments for my give-away last year.

However, for the past week I have tried a number of times to write about my word. Last night after sitting here again - for almost an hour - I stopped and shared with hubby my frustration.

His thinking was to stop blogging. So ummm yea, he still doesn't get this whole blog land thing I've been enjoying.

After praying about it a bit I realized what my problem was. Once I knew that, it was easy to figure out the solution. I simply need to: be true to myself!

When I do that I also stay true to my purpose in sharing here at "Finding Hope & Joy". I realize now that that's when it's been the easiest to write. I really enjoy sharing with you about the lessons learned, goofs by silly me and even the pain as I live out my life's story. In some ways it's like sitting down and chatting with a friend.

You see,  I'm not a writer. Never have been. I didn't like creative writing in high school. Give me a topic to write on and forget it - literally. I get brain freeze. Not the kind I get from those yummy frozen frappe drinks. Nope, I just can't figure out what I want to say or how to say it. Pretty funny don't ya think - for someone who has the "gift of gab"?! 

Before I left for work this morning I had some extra time so I sat down to write share with you what I had discovered last night. I've now spent another maybe thirty minutes and am almost finished. No frustration. No wondering if what I'm saying is ok. 

Just sitting here with - yep,you guessed it: a warm cup of mocha flavored coffee.  And you friend! Ahhh {big sigh}... this is what Finding Hope & Joy is supposed to be about.

One more thing..... I'm wondering if you ever get caught up with something others are doing? And try it even if it's not something you'd normally enjoy.... and keep trying even if you get frustrated doing it?  (please tell me I'm not the only one) If you do, well, all I can say to that is: to thine own self be true.

Just be the you God created you to be!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's a Random Beginning

Hi friend, yep it's really me. So sorry I've been slacking with my posting. It doesn't mean I don't have things to chat about with you here in blog land. I guess I just needed a break to get a few other things in life organized and taken care of in general.

Also, I've started a second blog. There is a journey that I've started on that I really want to journal about. I hate regular journaling with pen & paper, but enjoy it here in blog land. So, I love that I can blog this journey - even if it's just for me (at least for now).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
OK friend, since I've missed posting anything for a while (umm like 7.5 weeks) and I don't have a post ready, I hope you won't mind me starting this year with a few random thoughts that were gonna be posts, but  I've realized they really are just.... well, a few random thoughts....

~ This year at Christmas we really cut back on our spending. Our joy was in giving to others. This makes me think that one of God's greatest joys is giving to us.... uh-duh He did give us His Son.

~ You know that excited feeling you get the day before your birthday or on Christmas Eve?  I wish I had that super anticipation kinda feeling every morning when I wake up wondering " is this the day? Is this the day Jesus comes back?". Honestly, I don't but I wish I did.... working on it.

~ Here are a few random thoughts on the previous random thought (this is getting kinda tricky)
* hearing angels singing praises to the Lord will be so much better than hearing Happy Birthday sung to me
* all of the glitter and twinkling lights at Christmas just can't compare to the glory we'll see in heaven!

~ Inner beauty is so much harder to maintain than outer beauty.  The highlights in our hair, plucking the eyebrows (ouchie), tummy control jeans and some make-up do the trick nicely as far as outer beauty goes.  But, to have inner beauty it's stuff like - keeping the sarcasm to a minimum, not joining in the office gossip, and keeping all the "selfs" .... self-pity, selfishness, self-centerness under control.  And that's work, but by God's grace it's possible.

And here are a few one liners that I found  in my blog folder. I jot these things down any time, any place and  from various sources..... at church, at home, at work, in bed.....things I've read, church sermons, devotionals, blogs, church signs or just thoughts/feelings that I may want to explore and write more about.

~ "God is in all the details of my life.... the little, the big and the in-between"
That day I needed to be reminded that God cares about those in-between, everyday type things.

~ "God doesn't give explanations. He gives promises." 
I'm standing on His promises daily! And I know I don't get to have all the questions answered.

~ "Having a broken heart stinks"
Aah yea, guess I was having a "missing my Kyle" kinda day. Than I'm reminded that "the Lord is close to the brokenhearted" and I'm comforted.

~ "My plan vs God's provision"
As I plan our budget each month I really plan it with a capital P.  The Lord is showing me it's His provision - not my plan - and to just chill out a little.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

By now you know that I love to plan and make lists. Which means I do have a few things on my "blog idea" list to share with you and chat about as I begin the new year and my second year of blogging.

So, I'm thinking my first new post should be my "One Word for 2011".  I've seen a few other bloggers doing this and I'll just join in this blog land fun. I figure as long as I get it posted before February it will still be ok...  don't want to break any blog land rules.

Looking forward to another year.... with Jesus and you!