Sunday, September 21, 2014

What Do You See?

Hi friend!

Let's play a little game shall we?

What do you see?

Maybe you're thinking - "Nothing much" 
{sure hope you're not thinking  - "dumb game"}

Just a humble wheat field, kinda simple, plain even .....

.... or is it?

What do I see?

I see ...... beauty.....

.... the beauty of the wheat that will help feed hungry bellies.
.... the beauty of God's creation.
.... the beauty of the sun and it's rays painting the wheat a golden hue.

Now, take another look -

What do you see?

Surprise! This is actually the entire photo. {found on Photobucket}

So yea, I was a bit sneaky and at first only showed you part of the picture.  Gotcha! *wink*

Something about that solitary flower sticking it's head up speaks to me - 

It's brave and strong. 

It's all alone in that huge field and yet that's the beauty of it. There's beauty in it's uniqueness and simplicity.

Yes, the sunset is magnificent, the wheat field expansive, but that little flower is inspiring. 

"Blessed are they who see beautiful things
 in humble places 
where other people see nothing."
Camille Pissarro

The lesson from this sneaky fun game is this: Let's not disregard the simple and humble, and by doing so miss out on the true beauty that is all around us.

So friend, lets' try looking at the whole picture this week and see all the beautiful things God puts in view.

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Love ya,