Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Different Perspective

Today it's three years since my Kyle Matthew ....... umm .... well,  I'm never sure how to say it:
....  died  -  this is what I usually say
.... has been gone  -  like he'll be back?
....  passed  -  oh I don't know, seems kinda vague
.... we lost him  -  did we misplace him?

It doesn't really matter how I say it. There's no making it any nicer or better. It's been three years since that horrible day. It's been three years since I saw him last. Three years and one day since I've had a Kyle {{HUG}}.

I know I've promised to be as honest as I can here in blog land .... so friend, honestly, it is hard to not think each hour of this day how things played out each hour of that day three years ago.  It sure didn't help any that first thing this morning as I let the dog out back I heard sirens in the distance. There were a lot of sirens - police and EMT's - coming to our house the afternoon my Kyle died. 

But, this year I am trying to have a different perspective. And this I am sure is by the grace of God and the passage of time.  My perspective is:  I am three years closer to seeing my Kyle again!!  Three years closer to seeing that wonderful smile. Three years closer to another {{HUG}}!  Oh, buddy, it will be awesome!!

Just the thought of seeing Jesus and Kyle.....well, it brings a smile to my face and "happy" tears to my eyes. Kyle was so full of fun and energy. I can just imagine him practically bouncing up to me, running ahead of Jesus with that wonderful smile of his and giving me a huge {HUG}.

There is such hope & joy in that way of thinking, even in the midst of the pain of  remembering. And because of what the Bible teaches I have the assurance of it truly happening some day.

A different perspective is a good thing on days like today.

Thanking Jesus and missing my Kyle,