Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Lazy Saturday's Thoughts & Some Randomness

Hello friend!

No deep thoughts today. It's Saturday and I'm making it a "lazy me" kinda day. Maybe I'll go get my hair cut and colored after lunch. Maybe not. If I do, there's a McD right in front of where the salon is.... so I'm thinking a caramel frappe will do nicely afterwards. I even have a $1.00 off coupon.

Because I'm chillin' today I thought I'd go ahead and just share a few thoughts {actually ideas I had for posts, but never developed them} and some randomness.

~ Something to think about: Instead of  it always being about what I can do for God -  it's sometimes about what He wants to be for me.  {hint: my hope, my joy, my help.....} Now that's something good to ponder on a lazy day. :)

~ If I ever owned two dogs I'd name one "Marco" and the other "Polo". Think about it.  What fun calling them.... get it?  Marco! Polo!

~ Did you know fried gator tail does NOT taste like chicken. At least the chicken I cook is not chewy. Ewww! Yes, I really did  try it. But, don't worry, this Jersey girl is not  becoming a southern redneck {don't know if any of my friends here in bloggy land are southern rednecks. - please know that no offense was intended}

~ On the subject of my bucket list:  I can now check off - eating fried gator tail. Check! Well, ok, it was never on my list. But, it should have been and maybe the sick feeling I had for the rest of the day would have been worth it.

~ A second bucket list mention: I have checked off  learning to quilt from my bucket list! I've made a few quilts now and LOVE to quilt. The desire to quilt started with the idea of  using Kyle's shirts to make a memory quilt. And I've completed that, too. It's an extra special feeling curling up in "Kyle's quilt".

~ Questions: Does the boat hold on to the anchor or does the anchor hold on to the boat??
  And when "waves" hit your life what do you hold on to? What holds you from slipping under for the third  time?

~ I am loving the distressed look of furniture that I'm seeing on other blogs, on pinterest and in stores. Hubby is a bit worried I'm gonna distress every piece of furniture in our home. Ha!

~ May try my hand at decoupage and stenciling. {see not everything is gonna be distressed}

~ I love commas. Do I use too many? I write like I'd be talking, so when I take a breath I add a comma. *giggle*

~  I'm in the process of writing a post and submitting it to one of my favorite bloggers to possibly have it used as a guest post on her blog. BIG step for me! But, I figure that it's about something I've been meaning to share anyways and now it's getting done. So even if mine isn't chosen it's all good.

~  I think I put off writing it (see above) because it's gonna end up being a three part story. Part one, that I'm submitting for the guest post, is titled "One Bag Full".  Parts two and three are gonna be titled "Dumpster Diving" and "A Gift From TN".

~ Having to write a bio for the possible guest post is work. What to say about me? Oh, what to say? I want to sound interesting. But, also like just ordinary me. I don't want to sound silly- even though I can be silly - some people can only appreciate my silliness once they get to know me. Hmmm, what to say.

So friend that's gonna be it for today. I'm gonna go be lazy now. Happy Saturday to you!

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