Friday, June 15, 2012

One Bag Full

Hi friend!  I'm so very excited to be guest posting today over at "Only A Breath". Melanie recently asked her readers if anyone had a story about giving to let her know and she'd possibly share it. I'm crazy amazed that she picked my story to share!  In fact, hubby just took me out for ice cream to celebrate. {he's so very sweet like that} So, friend, I was wondering.....

Have you ever been given something....
right out of the blue....
by someone you barely know....
and it's an answer to prayer?

On a Saturday in July 2011 that happened to me.

I know {hanging head} - that's quite a while ago and I'm just sharing now?!

Would you believe there is more to this story? and umm..... I was planning on sharing it one part at a time?

Anyways, I'd recently learned how to make raggedy quilts. Being that I totally enjoyed making them I thought it would be wonderful to make quilts to sell. I'd use some of my profit to donate to families who are adopting orphans.

Since the cost of fabric for each quilt would run about $30.00 I'd begun praying....... "Lord, if you want  me to do this please show me how I'm gonna pay for fabric. I don't want to go out and get a lot of fabric and than no one buy my quilts. Please lead me and guide me. Is it just silly me or is this dream that I feel in my heart from you Lord?"

On that Saturday in July, a customer came in to where I work, greeted me and asked to see my wrist. She's a regular customer so this request didn't concern me, although it did seem a little odd.  A short while latter she brought me a pretty bracelet she had just created from yarn and gave it to me.

She called it "j-bily". Which means - "just because I like you". Isn't that cute?!

We got talking about knitting, quilting and such. I told her I'd just learned how to make raggedy quilts. She mentioned that her aunt had recently passed away and loved to quilt. In fact, her aunt had some quilting fabrics that she wasn't sure what to do with. Would I like them? She'd bring them next time she came by.

Actually, I wasn't sure she'd  remember. I work as the cashier at a car dealership. Would she remember after three months (or 3000 miles, which ever comes first)?

Her hubby picked her up and I figured they were going out for breakfast while her car was being worked on.

I was shocked when she came back with a big, 30 gallon sized plastic bag that was stuffed full of fabrics. She'd had her husband drive her back home to get it for me.

I blabbered something to her about orphans and quilts. And with tears in my eyes blabbered some more about answered prayer and a dream. And I gave her a big 30 gallon size hug.

Hey friend, I'm thinking this was more than j-bily.

This was a God thing!

Her gift, her giving to me, has helped me begin my dream of giving to others.
As I give to families who are adopting, they're giving homes and love to these sweet orphan babies.

Wow! Who knew "one bag full" would keep giving and giving?!

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