Sunday, July 11, 2010

Twenty-five Random Things ~ Part 2

Hey, you're back! Ready for part two?

Remember: I've gone ahead and made new comments under each random thing on the list. So, what I wrote back in Jan.'09 is in bold and my follow-up comments today are in italics.

Here are numbers 13 - 25 from my "Twenty-five Random Things About Me" list:

13. I usually drive five miles over the posted speed limit. (only one ticket)
~ No, I don't believe going a little over the speed limit is a sin (I really did have a preacher that taught this. And you don't want to know what he'd have to say about my tattoos! Refer to #4)

14. Friday is pizza day!
~ It's routine. Refer to #1

15. I would rather do yardwork than housework.
~ Oh yea! Even in the Florida heat - I don't mind getting dirt under my fingernails and sweating and.... Ummmm, TMI?

16. I love the beach and sunsets.
~ Don't you?!

17. I love my husband and can't imagine my life with anyone but him. He is my BFF!
~ Always and forever true!

18. I grew up in New Jersey but, I consider myself a Floridian by choice.
~ born and raised a Jersey girl (don't cha know) and Floridian by choice (y'all).

19. I hate to see someone eating by themselves.
~ Like in a resturant and especially if they're old... it's so sad.

20. I do not like to see other people be made fun of or have their feelings hurt (except on American Idol)
~ Simon Cowell tells it straight

21. I do not like trying new foods.
~ Every once in a while I'll try something different... Like parmesean crusted chicken. Yum! But, nothing too crazy, and not fish, and not Chinese, and nothing with cottage cheese or ricotta cheese.

22. I can not smell. Sometimes it's a blessing (my desk is directly across from the men's room at work- wish I couldn't hear sometimes). But I also wish I could smell- Tom's aftershave, roses and if supper is burning.
~ My mom says my lose of smell is because of using too much nose spray. Refer to #3

23. Thankful every day for God's mercy, love, grace and faithfulness!!

24. I am so thankful that TJ & Amber are back in Florida!!
~ They're my son and daughter-in-law who are living with us right now, with their pug (Buggsie) and cat (Jack). They've been such a blessing to us.

25. I love hugs!!
~ And a big {{HUG}} to you friend!

So, it was fun sharing some random things about me. Glad you stopped by.

* * Please make sure you check out next week's post... it's a fun surprise to celebrate six months of blogging! Yea!!

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