Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bliss is..... a giveaway!

Hello friend! Whether you've stopped by before or this is your first time at "Finding Hope & Joy" I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

Can you believe it has been six months since I started my little blog? So, I've been thinking - this would be a good time to celebrate!!

It's been a lot of fun creating this space, sharing my thoughts and life through my posts, and connecting with others here in blog land. I've shared about--- Reflections, Challenges, Happy Little Sunflowers, Grief, Clicking, Memories, Gathering, Symptoms, Gabbing, Believing, and of course Hope & Joy. There are even 3 two-part posts. Whew! I never knew I'd have that much to say..... yea, right, you don't believe it do you - especially if you know me or have read the "The Gift of Gab" post.

Ok,enough with the reminiscing already! Let's move on to the celebrating! I may still be fairly new to blog land, but I do know that the best way to celebrate is with a  FREE GIVEAWAY!

And, I guess you probably would like to know:
What I'm giving away (surprisingly it's not chocolate)
and How you can win it (giving you two chances to win).

Here it is:

As you can see on this side it says:
He satisfies the longing soul... with goodness Psalm 107:9

And here is all you need to do to win:

1. Add a comment to this post telling me what your idea of Bliss is.

2. For an extra chance to win just go to my Blessings Unlimited website at: and click on the "Shop Online" tab. Check out the wonderful products. Then come back here and leave a second comment about a product that you liked. In fact you can see the Bliss tote on my site. It's in the "NEW! SUMMER 2010 SUPPLEMENTAL CATALOG" section.

Your comments need to be posted  no later than midnight EST on Thursday, July 22. I'll announce the winner on Monday, July 26th.

Oh yea -  on the other side of the tote  it says:
Let your heart bring you joy in the blessings of God

And friend, that's what I'm wishing for you ~ Blissful Blessings!


  1. B- Belive in Jesus
    L- Love Him with all your heart
    I- Invest your life in others
    S- Sing His praises
    S- Share the Good News of salvation!

    JoAnn Jones

  2. JoAnn,
    That is very creative - I love it!
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Bliss for me is any state I find myself where all things are calm and I am happy. Usually chocolate is involved! I have had moments of bliss outside as well as inside. I too made an acronym for BLISS.


  4. Hmmm...bliss...Bliss, for me, is knowing that all of my children personally know Jesus and choose to live for and rely on Him. That's the cry of my heart.

  5. By the way, I, the "anonymous", am Lori Mathisen, and I did fill out the info. incorrectly, thus this "p.s."

  6. Heather - yes, Bliss should involve chocolate in my opinion, also. Love the acronym. Thanks for posting!

    Lori - Thanks for posting. Yes, it is a "blissful" and blessed feeling knowing that each of your children know the Lord.


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