Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Monday Morning ~ Don't Just Step.... JUMP!

Hey there friend!

Happy Monday Morning!

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"Sometimes, to step toward your destiny,
you have to step away from your security."
~ Craig Groeschel

I'm taking this quote right out of yesterday morning's sermon notes.  And I'm taking it to heart.

Have you ever thought what your purpose in life is? Are you fulfilling your destiny?

A few years ago I did a 21 day challenge led by Holley Gerth via her place in blogland. At the end of those three weeks we had to put together a statement using a formula to define our life story and purpose.

Here's what I came up with:
To help restore hope and joy,
to those who are hurting and discouraged,
by encouraging them with acts and words of kindness.

{ When I was first blogging back in 2010 I even wrote a post about this. You can read about Finishing the Challenge  HERE }

Some tried & true, and easy ways I'm comfortable with encouraging others are.....
... a card in the mail
... a comment on Facebook
... a {HUG}
... a smile
... a promise to pray
... a blog post.

However, in a few short week I'll be stepping out of my comfort zone and leading a ladies' Christian Life Development Class at our church in an effort to encourage other ladies in their walk with Jesus.

This is the biggest (and scariest) way that I'm applying my One Word for 2015 - BRAVE in my life this year.

It sure feels like a  big step giant jump. Yikes!

But, oh how I want to encourage other women. It's such a strong desire, and I know it's from the Lord.  It's what I'm to do at this season in my life -  use my love for teaching and heart for encouraging to help others.

And how about you friend? Is there some step you need to take? or maybe a giant leap toward your God designed destiny?

Well, I'm taking the hand of Jesus and taking that jump.
Hold my other hand and jump with me?

Love ya,

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  1. Great job Deb, there's no better way to make a point than putting yourself out there as an example.


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