Friday, September 18, 2015

Five Minute Friday Fun: Celebrate

Hi friend!

What day is it?
It's Friday!

And what does that mean?
It's time to party and have us some 5 Minute Friday fun! 

The party is at Kate's place in blog land.
It's a linky party/blogger flash mob/free writing exercise.
Whatever you want to call it, I say it's just plain fun - blog land style.

Everyone spends five minutes writing on the same topic. If they have a blog, they link up to Kate's post.

No blog? No problem! Just leave your five minutes of writing in the comments section.

The truly great part is that you write with freedom. There's no emphasis on grammar or spelling. Punctuation is also worry free {yay! 'cause I love me a bunch of commas when I write}. Pretty much the only "rule" is that you visit the blog of the person who linked up before you and leave some encouragement. 

 ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
and GO!


Celebrate .... YOU

Yes, that's right celebrate all that you are and all that you hope to be.

Does that sound strange? and really hard to do? and maybe crazy? (hopefully not dumb)

I think we should take some time every now and then to celebrate ourselves.

We are each a one of a kind creation made in the image of God. 

We are each wonderfully made!

We, as women, spend so much time thinking of and taking care of others that we get lost.

We cheer hubby.
We cheer the kiddos.
We cheer friends.

And that's all great and good.

Just don't forget to cheer for yourself.

You, dear friend, are special and unique. You are dearly loved by God.
You have a purpose in this world that you and only you can fill.
And it's a God given purpose.  

Never forget it. Don't doubt it. And be sure to celebrate it.

Celebrate you!

and STOP!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
"and I praise You
because of the wonderful way You created me.
Everything You do is marvelous!
Of this I have no doubt."
Psalm 139:14

Love ya, 


  1. Debbie,
    Such a great post! Don't we all tend to overlook ourselves when celebrating? I know that I sorely needed reminding that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and loved by my Heavenly Father...and doggone it I deserve a celebration every now and then!

    1. Hi Lynette,
      Here's to celebrating YOU.... the wonderful woman God created and loves.

  2. That was wonderful, women do tend to take care of a lot of other things before thinking about themselves, especially spiritual matters. By seeking God's will they will become even stronger.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting babe {my hubby, my biggest fan}.


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