Sunday, January 25, 2015

One Last Word About My One Word 2014

Hey there friend!

I'll soon be officially announcing my One Word for 2015. Yay!!

"Officially" as in the why, when and how of choosing my word for this year. I've already put my 2015 One Word graphic on the Home page and listed it on my One Word Journey page. I'd prefer that I had done it all at one time. You know - to have a big "TAH-DAHHH" moment.

But noooooo, I just couldn't wait.

First of all, I couldn't wait to make my One Word 2015 graphic. I love doing that sort of creative thing. Once I had it done and saw how pretty it was I was anxious to share it on my sidebar. And since it was already the first week of the New Year it had to (at least according to my rules) be put up and the 2014 graphic taken down.

So, ummm..... Tah-dahh?!

Anyways, before I say good-bye to my Word for 2014 there are a few final words to say.

As I check to see how many times I posted and shared with you about my progress I realize there isn't very much here.

Going through my archives, there are only two posts tagged "balance".  The intro in January for my  One Word 2014  and  The Good Stuff  in February.

That's it for the whole year - two out of 21 total.

Maybe that doesn't seem very balanced to you. Yet actually, to me, it does.

I've come to realize that to have balance in my life it doesn't mean that all areas in my life are given equal time. Nor does it mean that everything gets accomplished right away. Maybe not even at all..... sometimes it's best to put it aside or redirect.

What it has come to mean is that I manage my time better and don't get too caught up in one task, project or area and than neglect the others. Because you see, it's when I don't keep things in my life balanced that it causes me to become overwhelmed and even guilty about neglecting other things.

Sounds pretty logical and simple doesn't it? Yea, it does. Except when you are task oriented and love a good "To Do" list. And you love it even more when the task is completed and you get to check it off your list. {Raising my hand. Yep! That's this girl right here.}

Now, if my lists included family time, friend time, relaxation and play.... well, that would be great. But, they usually don't. That's "fun stuff" and it should always be "work before pleasure" (another one of my rules).

So, I've learned......
..... to not spend hours in bloggy land and neglect time with hubby. {hence, only those 21 posts all year}
..... to put away the quilting and not have hubby run out to get us sandwiches or burgers for dinner {a-hem, again}.
..... to put my feet up and read after spending a couple hours doing yard work in the hot Florida sun. Even if I didn't get it all done. {Dang "To Do" list.}

Anyways, yes I've made progress, but I think that keeping things balanced is something I'll continue to need to work on. I guess it really won't be good-bye to balance after all.

Love ya,

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