Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Monday Morning ~ What Are You Aiming For?

Hi friend!!!

Happy Monday Morning! 

So I have a question for you today -

What are you aiming for? 

Which brings me to another question.... or two.

It's now the third week into the new year.
How is it going with your New Year resolution?

Or maybe instead of yearly resolutions you have yearly, five year and ten year goals.
Are you on track to meet those goals?

Maybe, since it's Monday, you're just aiming to make it to the weekend.
"Bull's eye" you say?

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Whatever you're aiming for today, might I suggest that you -
"Aim for progress rather than perfection."

Being a gal who tends to be a perfectionist I really, really like this idea. 

I can apply it to a personal goal I made last year. Last March I decided to loose ten pounds by my next birthday.

I'm not quite there and my birthday is in six weeks.  I can either feel like I'm failing or I can celebrate the nine pounds I've already lost.

Nine pounds lost!  I made progress!

Yay me!
Woot! Woot!

I think I just had an a-ha moment.

Yep! A-HA!

Let me share it with you -
Whether the aim is to meet a goal, keep a New Year's resolution, or change a habit -
life will be sweeter if we remember to celebrate the progress we make along the way.

Just keep aiming, don't give up and celebrate along the way.

Do I hear a Woot! Woot!

Bull's eye!

Love ya, 

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