Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Monday Morning ~ Hold My Hand

Hi friend!!!

Happy Monday Morning! 

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"Enjoy the tempo of a God-breathed life by letting Me set the pace.
Hold My hand in childlike trust, and the way before you
will open up step by step."
 Jesus Calling - 
Enjoying Peace in His Presence
~ Sarah Young
Ahhh.... the tempo of a God-breathed life. *sigh* Sounds heavenly.
I'm sure you agree that life can be fast paced, kind of crazy and pressure filled. So much so that sometimes we just want to scream for it all to stop.
Never mind slow the tempo.
Stop the music! 
When I start each day by spending some quiet time alone with Jesus, my days are more joy filled and there's a peace in my spirit that is with me throughout my day. In fact, the quote above is from yesterday's devotional reading.
Starting the day with Jesus sets the tempo for the whole day.
Dear Jesus,
Hold my hand and guide me through this day. Help me to remember that You are with me every step of the way. Thank you that Your plans for me are good and You are able to make my path straight.
I love you!
Love ya,   

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  1. What a beautiful thought to start the day and the week with. If I close my eyes, I can see Jesus reaching down to take mine.


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