Sunday, January 26, 2014

My One Word for 2014 ~ Balance

Hey there friend!

These past few years I never seem to know what One Word I'll choose, or maybe more accurately, will choose me until sometime in December. However, I was beginning to think I'd just skip this little bloggy land tradition in 2014. You see this year it wasn't until January 1st that I knew.

I had been considering and praying about a few words, but none seemed to fit.

~ Focus was the first word I considered. But no, I get too focused sometimes and neglect all else. Just ask hubby how many times I've focused on my quilting and 30 minutes before our normal dinner time ask him if he'd mind cooking. Which translated means "please go get Publix subs or something from McDonald's".

~ Create was another word considered. Ummmm  noooo, probably not a good idea. You know - because of that whole over focusing thing when I get to creating quilts and pillows and totes. Oh my!

~ Dream was very briefly considered. However, I'm a planner and a list-checker-offer. Definitely not much of a dreamer.

And then on January 1st it all made perfect sense. Whooo Hooo!  I get so excited when my word finds me.

My One Word 2014 is BALANCE

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A situation in which 
different aspects or features 
are treated equally 
or exist in the correct relationship 
to each other.

That's the perfect definition to go along with what I was thinking balance should mean in my life this year. Also, something I think is interesting is that my One Word can be used as a noun or a verb. I want there to be balance {noun} in my life by balancing {verb} my time and priorities. Pretty cool!

What happened on 01/01/14 that caused me to know this was the word for me?

Well, it was a day filled with ....
..... quite time with Jesus.
When I neglect this my days don't seem right. Like kinda out of balance. And it happens more often than I'd like to admit. But I'm working on it.  
..... family. 
Hubby and I had a relaxing morning together. And we had mom over for dinner.
..... friends. 
A dear friend I hadn't seen in a few years stopped by. So nice to catch up and reminisce.
..... creating. 
I spent just a little bit of time finishing up a small quilting project.
..... organizing. 
I love when things are cleaned and organized. The mess on the desk was my project and I conquered the mess. 
..... planning. 
It was the second week in a row I had off work on a Wednesday. It felt good to plan out the rest of my odd week. {unless you are a true planner and list-checker-offer you will not understand}

It was such a wonderful day! Balanced in every way. I mean there was even a great cup of flavored mocha & caramel coffee in the morning and in the evening some ice cream cake after dinner.

Yep!  I'd say that's totally balanced. 

Love ya,

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