Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Monday Morning! ~ Overwhelmed

Hi friend!!!

Happy Monday Morning!
Photo by ~ Sandcastle in the Sun, FL

"When who Jesus is overwhelms you - 
nothing that happens can overcome you." 
~ Ann Voskamp

I can just imagine standing there in the Gulf of Mexico as the sun sets. 
Wow! How glorious to see God's handiwork. 

It looks like the person in this picture is right smack in the middle of it all. I wonder what they're thinking.

Are they overwhelmed by the beauty?  
I know I would be.

And it's reassuring at the same time.
To think that the God, who can create such beauty, can certainly create whatever it is I may need today - peace, confidence, joy, wisdom, strength, hope, to feel loved......

Be blessed with this thought dear friend - Jesus is only a whispered prayer away
Let His love for you overwhelm you today. 
Love ya, 

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  1. Beautiful words of encouragement! Thanks, Debbie, for taking the time to care!


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