Sunday, July 21, 2013

Some Truth That's Guaranteed

Hey there sweet friend!

Have you ever said  - "Nothing in life is guaranteed."
If you haven't said it maybe you've at least thought it at some point in your life?

I know I have. I've said it more since my Kyle died than ever before. Actually, I don't think I said it very much at all before that day.

Up until that day I had always had faith that things in life work out because God loves me. I knew that "prayer changes things'. Yep, I even had a magnet on my refrigerator door that declared it.

For me that day was a defining day that changed me in so many ways. Some of those things I'm only now recovering from 5.5 years later. Some have changed me forever.

Life can do that to us. Sometimes the pain and trauma from events rock our world. Our balance is off and our focus unsteady - emotionally, spiritually and maybe even physically.

For such a long time after Kyle went to live in heaven with Jesus I've struggled with the notion that you can't count on stuff in life to work out or always have a happy ending.

Nothing in life is guaranteed  - that thought has hindered my own personal prayers and even my offering to pray for others.

Well, that is until recently. Once again I found myself thinking "there are no guarantees in life".

This time however, I felt a little nudge in my spirit saying -
"Oh really? What about all the promises in My Word, sweet daughter?"

"Well, nothing personal Lord. But, You know what I mean."

And again that still small voice spoke to my heart.....
"I want you to think about it.  Is there any truth in that statement? Let's settle this and straighten out your thinking. Let me heal a little more of the hurt in your heart."

"OK Lord. I love you. I want to trust you more. I want to truly believe again that prayer changes things."

And here, sweet friend, is what I've rediscovered:

Truth - Sometimes it simply comes down to our choice to believe or not.
"With all my heart, I am waiting, Lord, for you! I trust your promises." Psalm 130:5 (CEV)

Guarantee -  Circumstances do not change who Jesus is.  He is always the same. If I believe He loves me today I will believe it tomorrow no matter my circumstances. If I believe His promises today - I will also believe them tomorrow.
"Jesus Christ never changes! He is the same yesterday, today and forever." Hebrews 13:8 (CEV)

Truth - There really are no guarantees in this life. There is a lot of joy in life. However, there are many heartbreaking things as well.
"I have told you this, so that you might have peace in your hearts because of me. While you are in the world, you will have to suffer. But cheer up! I have defeated the world." John 16:33 (CEV)(CEV)

Guarantee Everything about Jesus - His character, His Word and His promises are guaranteed.
"God made the heaven and earth; He created the sea and everything else. God always keeps His word." Psalm 146:6 (CEV)

Well, I guess I was kind of right after all. This life offers us no guarantees.

Nevertheless, what is written in my Bible is truth and is guaranteed by God Himself.

So next time instead of saying, "There are no guarantees in life.", I will choose to say -
I believe God and His word! That's the only guarantee I need.

Sweet friend, I hope you are encouraged.
Jesus loves you!
He keeps His word.
His promises are true.
He offers us His peace.
He never changes.

And it's all guaranteed by God Himself! Wow!

Now, I wonder what I did with that magnet? Think I'll go try to find it. I have a perfect spot for it on my refrigerator door.

Love ya,

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