Sunday, June 2, 2013

FOLLOW: Step Three ~ When You Hit A Slump

Hey there friend! I'm so glad you stopped by.

Happy beginning of summer to you!

Yep, here it is, the beginning of June.
So how is that whole One Word for the year thing going?

Well,  I confess that by the middle of April it seemed that I hit a slump in following my One Word for 2013.

And yes I admit it's a bit ironic since my word happens to be:

I was off to a great start the first few months of the year.

So what has happened?
Is there even another step to take in this One Word journey?

I'm not sure. But, I'll tell you this is exactly why I don't make New Year Resolutions. I've never kept one for more than a month or two.

And really? Do you know of anyone who keeps them for the whole year?!

No, me neither. 

As I sit here and think about it a bit more - because I like to figure stuff out {and besides it would be rather awkward to just end here}- I believe my problem comes from......
.... getting too busy with other things in life
.... not following through on Step One
.... not focusing on Step Two
.... maybe even getting somewhat complacent

You know all the normal stuff that are the various reasons why we never seem to be able to keep those resolutions for a whole year.

Since I titled this as my "Step Three" and have admitted that I've hit a slump I believe there actually is a next step. And this step is called grace.

Yep, I'm gonna extend a bit of grace to my performance-driven-perfectionist-self. I'm not going to get down on myself for not being as on track with my One Word journey as I had planned.

It's all ok. Sometimes I just get off track. Never meaning to. But life happens. I forget. Distractions come.

Hey friend can you relate to any of this?

I kinda am guessing that we can all think of some kind of commitment, something good and important to us at the time, that we started out to do, but hit a slump. Gave up. Got distracted.  Whatever.

You know what friend? I'm thinking that maybe a slump is a good thing after all.

A bloggy friend of mine once commented that sometimes we can get busy doing something good only to miss out on what's better.

You see a slump just gives us a chance to slow down and figure out if it's a good thing. Something we want to continue. Or maybe not so much and there are the better things to focus on.

Either way, once you realize you're in a slump or have gotten off track - give yourself some grace and figure out what's good and what is maybe even better.

Grace is a beautiful thing in life. And those slumps that happen along the way maybe aren't so bad either.

Love ya friend, 

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