Sunday, September 2, 2012

I'm Diving In

Hi friend!

This is it! I've made up my mind!

I'm gonna dive right in and open my etsy shop. I've been thinking about it and talking about it... and enough already!

No more waiting.
No more hesitating.
No more standing on the edge.

Here I go..... one.... two..... three.....


Hold on!

I'm not sure I'm ready.
Let me set things up.... let me get things prepared.... everything just right.

OK now I'm ready. 

But wait - it looks so scary.

I can't see everything clearly.... what if I dive in and flounder around in etsy land... or if I get swallowed up in spending more money than I can make? or swept away in thoughtful creativeness and forget to feed the dog?

Silly Me! A bit dramatic maybe?!

Ya know what friend?

This reminds me of swimming lessons when I was a kid at summer camp. 

I did pretty good with the floating, treading water, and swimming in general. But, when it came time to learn to dive it was a very scary thing.

Maybe it was the cold, inky black water and not being able to see the bottom of the lake.
Or the scary instructions by the swim teacher to dive in hands first.  As opposed to diving in head first and getting paralyzed when your head hits the bottom of the lake. Yikes!

Looking back I realize that:
 a. yea,  lake water is dark
 b. the chances of my going straight down ten feet and hitting bottom was pretty slim.

I also realize I was ready. I could swim, float and hold my breath under water.

And still I'd ....
 .... get all set up - right up to the edge of the dock.
 .... be all prepared - knew what the instructor told us to do.
 .... have everything just right - toes just over the edge, knees bent, hands over my head.

Here I go..... one.... two..... three.....


I'd  back away from the edge or kinda just freeze in place. 

The instructors should have been given a medal for not just pushing me in - I'm sure they must have been very tempted, but they never did.

Well, I finally did dive at least once and so I did pass the test. But, I've never really liked diving. I'd rather jump in feet first and hold my nose.

So yea, I'm gonna go ahead and dive jump into the world of esty.


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