Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Day God Mowed My Lawn

Hey friend!

Do you think I've finally lost it?

Yea, you read that title correctly. And it's true!
There was a day in October 2011 when God mowed my lawn.

It was Tuesday, October 4th to be exact. That day was also me and my hubby's 36th Anniversary. :)

At that time I was feeling really, really overwhelmed by a lot things that were going on in my life. It was all getting to feel like it was just too much!

Too much to do, too much stress and and too much responsibility.

One of those things was that the stupid lawn needed to be mowed. And it needed to be mowed before it got any higher and my mower wouldn't able to mow through it.

I prayed before going to work that God would give me grace and strength. And that somehow I'd get through the stress I was feeling that week.

Have you ever gotten to the place -
- where there is just way too much to do,
- you have too many commitments/responsibilities,
- and you're just about ready to..... well, you're not sure what, but it won't be pleasant. 

And you just keep trying to catch up, get it done and reassure yourself that it'll all work out. That pretty soon you'll be able to relax.

Anyways, when I called to let hubby know I was on my way home from work he said he had a surprise for me. Since it was our anniversary I thought it had something to do with a gift he got me. However, since we had agreed we'd give each other cards and go out to eat, but no gifts, I really wasn't sure what my surprise might be.

When I turned the corner onto our street I knew right away what the surprise was.

Our front lawn was mowed and edged!

"Woo Hoo!!" would be the usual response you'd think I'd be shouting at such a sight?
Well, noooo, it was more like "That's just great! And how are we gonna go out to dinner now!?"

You see hubby has suffered for years with a back condition that causes him chronic pain. Anything too physical (like mowing the lawn) will make his back go into spasms and his arthritic knees ache. Which would mean no yummy and romantic dinner at Olive Garden for me us.

When I got inside hubby quickly explained how around mid-afternoon he thought he heard a lawn mower running. But it was louder than just being next door or across the street. When he peeked out the front window there was a guy mowing our lawn!

He went out to see what was going on.
It turned out they were supposed to mow the neighbor's lawn.When hubby explained their mistake, they went ahead and finished it.  For free!

How in the world did they goof like that!?
They had our neighbor's street address.
We have our house numbers over our garage in plain view.

Well, there's only one explanation as far as I can see - God cut my grass!
He heard my prayer. He knew I was so very, very overwhelmed.


Now I was again overwhelmed, but with tears in my eyes as it sunk in.

God really does ...
... care about me,
... see my circumstances,
... hear my cry for help,
... and sometimes even will do something extra special like cut my lawn.

My One Word for 2011 was trust and this was just one of many ways that God was working in my heart to teach me to trust Him more with all things in my life. 

He crazy loves me you know!

And He really crazy loves you, too, dear friend. Please don't ever doubt it!

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