Monday, March 12, 2012

Plain and Ordinary

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Today I have a couple of questions for you -
~ do you ever feel like you are just plain and ordinary?
~ do you feel like your life is plain and ordinary?

I'll admit I feel this way sometimes. Actually, more times than I like to think about.

But, I want bigger. Bigger so I can make a difference with my life and in the lives of others.

I want to be a light for Jesus. Ultimately, I want my life, my whole life's story,  to bring God glory. I want it to point people to Him.

How in the world can I bring the God of all creation glory?! He is sovereign, my wonderful savior,  Lord of all creation.

I used to think in order to accomplish this I needed to do something BIG and Wow! and well, {trumpet sound please}GLORIOUS.

I want to share something I've learned with you friend. We can glorify God in the moment-to-moment of each and every day.

It has a lot to do with our choices. It's in the choice to bless and not curse, to love and not hate, to help and not ignore, to walk away and not join in the __________ . {you fill in the blank} It's really in those plain and ordinary things of each day that we can bring Him glory.

In a recent trip to WalMart I was clearly shown how true this is.
I was given two opportunities to help or walk away. To think of myself or think of someone else.

When I go grocery shopping I like to get in and get out of whatever store as quickly as possible. Just  not my favorite weekly activity. However, out of obvious necessity it's something I do each week.

This particular evening as I was backtracking to get something I missed in a previous isle a lady started to ask me where she could find..... before she finished asking, I said, "Sorry, I don't work here".   I hurried on and grabbed my item off the shelf. As I headed back to where I left hubby with our almost full shopping cart I caught sight of the same lady trying to find .... something, I didn't know what because I didn't stop long enough to even listen. But now I felt a little nudge inside me to help her. So,  I approached her and said,  "I don't work here, but I shop here a lot. What were you looking for?"  And I was able to point her in the right direction. (I hope it was - cooking spray would be found by the oils in the baking & cake mix isle?)

It was such a little thing, such an ordinary thing,  I almost missed it. 

By now we're almost done getting what we need. Yay! The final stretch through the frozen food isles! Gotta get hubby his Klondikes!

That's when an older gentleman with a thick accent, perhaps Italian, approaches me. He wants to know where the crowsints are. He was very hard to understand and I had no idea what a crowsint was. He finally used my pen and shopping list to write it down. Aha! Croissants!  I was a bit unsure I had ever seen frozen croissants, but we looked. Nope, no croissants. Than he mentioned something about eggs. So I led him to the breakfast food section and sure enough there was a box of  frozen croissant breakfast sandwiches. He wasn't happy about the price, but he was thankful we found them.

And you know what? I kinda got it this second time. It felt right and good.

This is it! This is how we can glorify Him in the every day ordinariness of our lives.

In her book, "Lord, I Want to Know You", Kay Arthur explains this so well:
".... you have been created for His glory, for His pleasure. Your life is to be lived in such a way as to reflect Him, to show the world the character of God - His love, His peace, His mercy, His gentleness. You are to live for Him, to accomplish His will. To miss this purpose is to miss fulfillment. It is to have existed rather than to have lived." {pg. 13}

We need to make the choices that pleases Him. If it's something that pleases Him it brings Him pleasure.

We need to show others the character and love of God.  If it's something that shows others the love of Jesus than it glorifies Him.

That day it wasn't Wow! or BIG and I certainly didn't hear any trumpets. Yet, I know it pleased Him and that brought Him glory.

Just a plain old day, doing my ordinary weekly grocery shopping.
And along the way being a light for Jesus.

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