Monday, January 2, 2012

My One Little Word ~ 2012

This year's One Little Word wasn't very hard to figure out. That's because it's kinda linked to my One Word for 2011.

After thinking about it and as I look back over the last few years it's really neat to see what the Lord was doing in my life and how one year's lessons have led to the next. Also, how one year's word blended right into the next year's.

In 2009, before I even started blogging, if I had chosen a word it would have been "Believe".  I decided that even if I don't have all the answers to my questions as I journeyed through grief, I would still believe that God is faithful, merciful and just plain knew what He was doing. My motto became: "I Still Believe!"

In 2010 I started my blog, but hadn't heard about choosing a word for the year. If I had known about this fun little New Year tradition here in bloggy land than that year my word would have been "Rebuilding". It was a year about rebuilding hope and joy in my life.... through faith {believe}, family and living life.

In 2011 I just couldn't figure out what it would be and almost gave up. But, then as I  was in the process of redesigning my blog I discovered what my word should be - "Trust".  I had settled the whole "I Still Believe" thing and was finding hope and joy once again, but was still dealing with a trust issue. I'll need to try to explain this some day.... it's complicated.

Looking back I know I really got 2011's right ....  especially the second half of the year was one lesson after the other about trust. And God in His grace has been reminding me to trust Him in some pretty awesome and creative ways.

I realize I haven't shared about any of this, and I apologize. I'm honestly not sure why. I had planned on only taking the month of July off from blogging, but it ended being quite a bit longer. *sheepish grin*

But, perhaps it's for the best because my One Little Word for 2012 is "Peace".  Tah-dah!!

And I'm learning trust brings me peace.And so now I can fill you in on the rest of the story.

I so hope you'll stop back every now and then to follow me as I continue to share my story here at "Finding Hope & Joy". As always, my hope is that you'll be encouraged. {or at least entertained by my brief bouts of silliness}
Oh, and one other thing.... my new word is also in that Bible verse at the top of my blog. Pretty cool don't ya think?!

Happy 2012! Wishing you much Peace this year friend!

BTW ~ A huge THANK YOU to sweet Melanie over at Only A Breath for the super cute graphic for my One Word.

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