Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Fun Bloggy Game

Hi friend!

Every one likes to play games right? There are board games, party games, baby shower and bridal shower games. I remember some fun games from way back in the day that at Tupperware and Longaberger parties.

I've recently started following a blog written by a sweet gal named Melanie. She's written a couple of posts lately that remind me of the fun party games we play to get acquainted.  I'm not trying to steal her cute game idea. But, if you want to play along go on over to where she writes at   Only A Breath  and join in the fun.
{of course if you'd like to leave me a comment I wouldn't mind and I'm pretty sure Melanie won't either}

It's just that I've enjoyed the process and wanted to share the fun with you.
So here is a copy of my comment (with typos edited) to Melanie's prompts ~

Hi Melanie!
I love that you are gonna do this every now and than!

The best thing about 2011 was ~ me and hubby getting away for a whole week to Siesta Key. My aunt let us stay in her condo right across from the beach. We hadn’t been on any kind of vacation in seven years. We were so blessed the whole week with beautiful weather, just relaxing and spending time together.

In 2012 I would really love to:

1. start a small biz ( etsy, consign at shops in town, etc) selling quilts, pillows, and decoupaged items that I create

2. go to Siesta Key for vacation again (only if we have someone to puppy sit for us)

3. pay off our charge card debt

2012 is the year I stop ~
Oh where do I begin…… and what would I really want to write down and document in bloggy land…… ummmmm ….. how about I just think on this one a bit more. *wink*

2012 is the year I start ~
Oh where do I begin….. eating healthy, walking, blogging regularly, reading my Bible more, better church attendance, intentionally developing friendships…. yikes! if I keep going I’m really gonna sound like an unhealthy, lazy, backsliding hermit.

If I get a wild hair, I might just ~ apply for Wheel of Fortune in 2012. Yea, I know that may not seem very “wild” I guess. But I’d have to fly to CA and I hate to fly. I hate to fail and what if I got all “bankrupts” and the trip out there would cost more than I’d win. Oh my, what a risk.

So there you have it – hope it’s not TMI and I don’t seem too silly. I’m just being real and being myself.
BTW – I’ve never heard the expression “get a wild hair”. At first I was thinking of a wild gray hair that you just yank out. lol

Hope you and your family have a blessed New Year!!!
Debbie G

Well, friend hope this has been informative as well as a bit entertaining. If you want to get the full experience go on over to Only A Breath. 

Hoping you too have a blessed New Year! 

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