Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's a Random Beginning

Hi friend, yep it's really me. So sorry I've been slacking with my posting. It doesn't mean I don't have things to chat about with you here in blog land. I guess I just needed a break to get a few other things in life organized and taken care of in general.

Also, I've started a second blog. There is a journey that I've started on that I really want to journal about. I hate regular journaling with pen & paper, but enjoy it here in blog land. So, I love that I can blog this journey - even if it's just for me (at least for now).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
OK friend, since I've missed posting anything for a while (umm like 7.5 weeks) and I don't have a post ready, I hope you won't mind me starting this year with a few random thoughts that were gonna be posts, but  I've realized they really are just.... well, a few random thoughts....

~ This year at Christmas we really cut back on our spending. Our joy was in giving to others. This makes me think that one of God's greatest joys is giving to us.... uh-duh He did give us His Son.

~ You know that excited feeling you get the day before your birthday or on Christmas Eve?  I wish I had that super anticipation kinda feeling every morning when I wake up wondering " is this the day? Is this the day Jesus comes back?". Honestly, I don't but I wish I did.... working on it.

~ Here are a few random thoughts on the previous random thought (this is getting kinda tricky)
* hearing angels singing praises to the Lord will be so much better than hearing Happy Birthday sung to me
* all of the glitter and twinkling lights at Christmas just can't compare to the glory we'll see in heaven!

~ Inner beauty is so much harder to maintain than outer beauty.  The highlights in our hair, plucking the eyebrows (ouchie), tummy control jeans and some make-up do the trick nicely as far as outer beauty goes.  But, to have inner beauty it's stuff like - keeping the sarcasm to a minimum, not joining in the office gossip, and keeping all the "selfs" .... self-pity, selfishness, self-centerness under control.  And that's work, but by God's grace it's possible.

And here are a few one liners that I found  in my blog folder. I jot these things down any time, any place and  from various sources..... at church, at home, at work, in bed.....things I've read, church sermons, devotionals, blogs, church signs or just thoughts/feelings that I may want to explore and write more about.

~ "God is in all the details of my life.... the little, the big and the in-between"
That day I needed to be reminded that God cares about those in-between, everyday type things.

~ "God doesn't give explanations. He gives promises." 
I'm standing on His promises daily! And I know I don't get to have all the questions answered.

~ "Having a broken heart stinks"
Aah yea, guess I was having a "missing my Kyle" kinda day. Than I'm reminded that "the Lord is close to the brokenhearted" and I'm comforted.

~ "My plan vs God's provision"
As I plan our budget each month I really plan it with a capital P.  The Lord is showing me it's His provision - not my plan - and to just chill out a little.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

By now you know that I love to plan and make lists. Which means I do have a few things on my "blog idea" list to share with you and chat about as I begin the new year and my second year of blogging.

So, I'm thinking my first new post should be my "One Word for 2011".  I've seen a few other bloggers doing this and I'll just join in this blog land fun. I figure as long as I get it posted before February it will still be ok...  don't want to break any blog land rules.

Looking forward to another year.... with Jesus and you!

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