Monday, January 31, 2011

Two Old + One New = Three Just Right

In the near future I'll be attempting a complete make-over of my blog home here at Finding Hope & Joy.   I've found the cutest paper, buttons and ribbons.  I've also discovered some very helpful sites with awesome tutorials.

I love to redecorate and be creative!

As I've been planning what I want to change I've been trying to think of a catchy "tag line" for my header.  Really can't think of one. I think it's because I can't say anything in just a few words (that whole "gift of gab" thing I suffer from). Plus, there's also the creative brain freeze that sometimes happens to me when writing.

And so I've decided to use this Bible verse:

"May the God of hope fill you with
all joy and peace as you trust in Him."
Romans 15:13

So what do you think?  I'm thinking it really expresses what the purpose of my blog has become..... for me and hopefully for those who stop by and visit. This new verse will be a sweet greeting on my blog home's front porch.

After I decided that this verse would work and I took a closer look I was amazed at three words that fit together just right.

Do you see the two "old" words? They're the two words that are all about why I started to blog.

There's Hope and than there's Joy.  These are two things that were being renewed in my life after my journey through grief. The changes the Lord was starting in me a year ago are what gave me the desire to record and share them here.

But it was that one "new" word that suddenly caught my eye and made me smile .... Trust.

You see trust  is my "One Word for 2011".  The word that I picked to write about, but just couldn't figure out what to write. I just kinda gave up on this whole One Word thing here in blog land.  Hmmmm, guess I was a little too quick on that.

So friend, I'll be writing about my "One Word for 2011" after all as I share how the Lord weaves hope, joy & trust together in my life.

Now, I have three words that are just right for my make-over. And three special words to greet you each time you stop by to visit.

Pretty cool, don't ya think?!

BTW ~ Since a year ago I didn't even know what HTML was, this whole redo may take a little while. 

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