Monday, September 6, 2010

Walking (not just talking)

You've probably heard the saying:  "if we talk the talk, we should walk the walk"

Within a week of my last post, Stopping Long Enough, I had to make a choice of whether or not I was going to walk out what I had talked about.

Take a look at these two sentences from that post ~
"I stopped long enough to feel His love for me. During those times this week I recommitted all that I had to Him."

Yep, that's exactly what I said. I had talked it and was quickly given the opportunity to walk it.

When faced with the uncertainties in life ~ would I trust Jesus with all that I had committed to Him?

Friday afternoon I was faced with some uncertainty concerning the future of my job. Friday night our A/C went out. That would most certainly put a strain on our already tight finances. Monday I went for my yearly mammogram. What if there are health issues to be faced?  That just can't happen..... because if I don't have a job than I don't have insurance......

.... so what did I do?
Did I cry?  Yes (a little)
Did I want to hide? Yes 
Did I pray? Yes (a lot)
Did I loose any sleep? Yes  (that "yes" was at least partly due to not having any A/C - in Florida- in August)

What did I, the self-appointed "OFP" {official family planner},  do about all of this?
Well, I had to fight the urge to try to plan out all the answers. So, no lists. No plan B.

I just kept reminding myself that when I had committed everything in my life to the Lord it was because I know He is faithful. I know He loves me. I believe He wants what is the very best for me.  And I want what He wants.

Each time thoughts of fear or worry would pop into my head I would stomp my foot and say "No, I gave it all to Jesus and whatever happens He will be with me."  Well, I didn't actually stomp my foot, but inwardly, in my spirit, that was my attitude.  I meant what I had said ~ I committed all of my life, meaning everything to Him.

So how did things turn out this week?  Well, I still have my job. Yea!  We had the A/C fixed and the Lord provided the money without us having to go further into debt. And no news on the mammo results (no news is good news).

However, as my week of walking out what I had talked about came to an end we learned that our next door neighbor is the third neighbor to have a potential sinkhole in his yard. If you don't know what a sinkhole is, it's a hole that can develop under the ground. It can at any time sink in and swallow anything above it. This new info was kind of a bummer since we don't have sinkhole insurance. But, it also is just one more opportunity to walk the walk.  I absolutely know that our home is in God's hands. Whatever the future holds *stomping my foot here*  He is aware of it and He will be faithful to guide me through it.

Now friend, I want you to believe me when I say -  I'm not bragging on myself here.  I just wanted to share how amazing it can be when we "stop long enough" in the Lord's presence. When we commit everything to Him we can relax knowing He is in control.

For me, these last couple of weeks have been another few steps in my journey of Finding Hope and Joy. I so hope that what I share will encourage you in some way.

Here's another saying I'd like to share -
think of it as my little {{HUG}} for you today:
"Don't worry about tomorrow, God is already there"
and go ahead... *stomp your foot*, too.

Love ya friend!


  1. Awww, Debbie,

    The truth is, it's a daily decision, isn't it? Sometimes an hourly or minute-by-minute decision to take God at his word, to believe it, to LIVE by it! What wonderful examples you took time to share. And of COURSE you were tested as soon as you publicly proclaimed that! Satan would love to undermine your testimony!!

    Thank you for stompin' that foot and standing boldly!


  2. Robin~
    Thanks for stopping by. You are so right - it is a daily decision. But the blessings it brings is so worth it. And it makes living life for Jesus - letting Him have control to work WHATEVER His plan is - so amazing. :)


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