Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stopping Long Enough

This past week I enjoyed being on vacation for a few days. It actually was a "stay-cation" since we just stayed home and relaxed. A few weeks ago I mentioned to hubby that we needed to plan our vacation. I mean that's what the "official family planner" does, right?  Hubby thought it'd be kind of silly to plan anything since we weren't going away.  Ok, so whatever, I'll plan on my own. Being the planner is sometimes a lonely job.

Of course, you guessed it, I started with a  list.....
~ spend time in blog land
~ organize my coupon folder
~ maybe out to eat just once
~ go over to my parents and use their pool
~ maybe rent a movie
~ perhaps play some mini-golf
~ do a little yard work

About a week before my time off was to start I felt that I needed to add something to my vacation list. This was confirmed the Friday before I started my vacation as I read a post by Bonnie who writes over at FaithBarista .  These two sentences in particular really spoke to my heart: "If we were to stop long enough to really want Him, He would be the prize we’d dump everything for. Just to savor His touch and His words”

Something in my spirit cried out "Yes!"  How I would love to love spending time with Jesus.  As much as I enjoy being busy, Bonnie's post that day helped me realize I needed to “stop long enough”.  I just knew that - spending time with Jesus - needed to be on the very top of my list. I’m talking quality time – not the usual quick “good morning Lord, please be with me today” while I brush my teeth time.

And I kinda hate to admit it,  but I made another list. A little mental list of what me and Jesus needed to talk about. And if you too are a "list maker" I know you'll understand.  If you aren't, well, don't judge. Just love me and pray for me. :)   Anyways, my list basically consisted of a few things I needed to have some direction on.

As I prayed , read and simply spent time with Jesus an awesome, but not surprising, thing happened.  I didn't get to go over much of anything on my list. I didn't get specific answers to any of my questions. No direction to do this or go there. No insight whether I should try this or stop that.  As great as getting answers and direction concerning my little list would have been, I got something so much better.

He again became the one I wanted to spend time with each day.  I stopped long enough to pour out my heart to Him. I stopped long enough to feel His love for me. During  those times this week I recommitted all that I had to Him. And let me tell you that it wasn't easy (I promise to explain a little more in detail real soon). But once I did, it was freeing and brought me to tears. Tears of surrender which turned to tears of joy, peace and love.

So friend,  here is what I discovered - when we "stop long enough", when we desire a relationship with Jesus than the answers don't matter so much. He becomes our answer. Feeling His love becomes our comfort. Knowing He is with us no matter what becomes our peace.

And hey friend, I'd like to encourage you to stop long enough each day. You may or may not get what you're seeking, but you will get what you need.

BTW~ Don't forget to take a minute and stop over at FaithBarista. Bonnie is a great host and I just know you'll really enjoy your visit.


  1. "... the answers don't matter so much. He becomes our answer. Feeling His love becomes our comfort. Knowing He is with us no matter what becomes our peace. " God had something so deep and intimate, just for you. Thank you for sharing from the Deep Well you drew from, Debbie.

  2. Bonnie ~
    Thanks so much for visiting. And thanks for being part of how the Lord led me through FaithBarista.
    Isn't it great how the Lord uses blog land connections to encourage and inspire us?!
    God is so good!!

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