Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Encouragement Day!

Happy Encouragement Day to you my friend!!

Honestly, I didn't even know that there was such a day. It's a great idea -we all need a little encouragement now and then. Don't you agree?

The wonderful ladies over at (in)courage are celebrating National Encouragement Day and have asked their bloggy friends to help. They are also celebrating their one year anniversary and have been doing it in true blog land fashion - with a giveaway, every day, for thirty days. Wooo Hooo!

For one of their giveaways you could "win" a free pack of ten cards from DaySpring's new Hope & Encouragement line. The first 400 ladies to leave a comment would receive a pack.

I checked real quick to see how many comments had already been left - only a few - and quickly left mine.

Yea! I win!

Gotta say I love the idea for this giveaway. Encouraging others is something I enjoy doing and one of my favorite ways is to send a note or card.

First of all, who doesn't love getting mail. I mean real mail - not bills or mail addressed to "current resident".

In fact, my set of  DaySpring cards came on Friday and so did a card from a friend.

Guess what?!
I opened the card first!

What a neat surprise to receive a note, written just for me, for no special reason.  Just kind words to encourage me. I have her card on my dresser and will probably read it again once or twice before putting it away with some other cards I've kept that are special to me.

That's exactly why I love to send cards.  It's always a pleasant surprise for the person who receives it.  A card is something for them to touch and hold as they read your words..... words of love, encouragement, sympathy, congratulations or hope.

And friend, this blog is not a card, but as you read I hope you -
.... are encouraged
.... know I appreciate your stopping by
.... sometimes have a laugh at silly me
.... understand I care.

If there was a Happy Birthday type of song to sing for National Encouragement Day I'd be singing it to you right now!  Just to encourage you, because I appreciate you stopping by. But because I care -  I won't sing. Silly me!

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