Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Monday Morning ~ Surf the Waves

Hi friend!!!

Happy Monday Morning! 

Surfer girls photo found on Photobucket
"I will not let the waves of life just roll over me.
I will learn to ride them."
~ Sarah Mae

Yep! That is the brave way I want to live my life. 
And nope, I've never surfed. But, I bet it would be fun.
{maybe I should add it to my bucket list}
Even though I've never attempted to surf, I know it must take lots and lots of practice. Add to that some fearlessness. And I would think that a good sense of balance would be a plus.
I imagine catching a wave and riding it to shore would be scary, exciting and exhilarating all wrapped up in one awesome and wild ride. Unless you wipe out and than it's just scary.
Now I may have never tried surfing, but I've been to the Jersey shore plenty of times and know that the ocean is powerful. The scary part is that the ocean's waves don't only roll over you, but can toss you around, knock you down and even drag you under the surface.

{and just erased it off my bucket list}

Wisdom for facing the ocean's waves -
~ Be prepared and know your swimming ability, as well as, how deep the water is.
~ Watch out or one you didn't even see coming will knock you from behind. You'll find yourself on your bum and spitting out salt water.
~ Keep an eye on the shore line or you will unknowingly be moved down the beach by the tide and motion of the water.
~ Playing in the surf is much more fun (and safer) with friends.

Wisdom concerning the waves of life - 
~ Be prepared and know the promises God gives us in His word. Remember His ability to rescue and save is unlimited.
~ You might not even see it coming. You'll find yourself on your knees and sputtering a prayer for help.
~ Keep an eye on your faith or little by little you can find that you've moved away from your convictions and what grounds you.
~ Life is so much harder if you try to do it all alone.

So friend, I think when attempting to not get rolled over by waves - in the ocean or in life- it comes down to these three things: focus, determination and attitude.

For me this means that -

My focus is on Jesus.

I'm determined to finish well.

My attitude is never quit.

So when the waves of life come I can hang on and ride them. No rolling over this girl.

Cowabunga friend!

Love ya,

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