Friday, September 6, 2013

5 Minute Friday Fun: RED

Hey there friend!

I'm trying something new today. It's also something a little out of my comfort zone.
However, it sounds like fun and a great exercise in writing so I'm giving it a try. If nothing else I'll quick add it to my bucket list and than cross if off. Ha!

Anyways, it's called Five Minute Friday and Lisa-Jo hosts it. It's a link-up, bloggy land party type of event held each Friday.

Five Minute Friday

What happens is you get the week's one word prompt (at least I think it's always one word) which Lisa-Jo chooses {I wonder how she comes up with them?}. You go to your blog, set a timer for five minutes and write. No fancy editing or re-dos or do overs. {that's the part that this perfectionist, type-A personality gal is having a bit of a problem with}.
Whatever you end up writing you post at your blog home. Then link-up over at  Lisa-Jo's place. The best part is you must be sociable at this party. The one rule is you must introduce yourself to the person who linked up before you and say "Hey there friend" in their comments.

So I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be. Telling hubby to set the timer on the microwave.

Deep breath.....
And GO!


On my way to work this morning I was thankful for the red stop lights. Even though I was running a bit late.

It's amazing how a little red light will make all those cars and trucks stop and wait their turn.

Sometimes, I wish I had a red light in front of me during the day. It could blink a warning that only I could see to help me navigate through my day as a better person and light for Jesus.

Red light - stop & listen to that person who's trying to share with me something important that's going on in their life
Red light - stop! no gossiping zone!
Red light - pray for that one who just found out a loved one has cancer
Red light - just plain stop. rest. relax for a few.

Well, friend, it's a great idea. And in a way I do have something with me every day, although it's not a red light. Actually, it's Someone. Jesus in me helps me navigate through each day.



So I guess it wasn't exactly an epic fail.

But, I confess I gave it two tries. And maybe the second time I went like 30-40 seconds past when hubby called time. *wink*

Hubby thinks I'm either nuts or a cheater. I'm not sure which. But, I'm not a liar and in fact sometimes too honest for my own good. So, I bent the rules a bit on my first try. I really don't think that the bloggy land police are gonna be banging on my door any minute. Oh yea -and I'm a bit sarcastic, too.

But hey, it was fun! I think I'll do better next time, now that I know how short five minutes is in "writing time".

Now to go link up over at Lisa-Jo's and say "Hi!" to the person who got to the party right before me and see what they thought about RED.

Love ya friend,


  1. Welcome to 5MF! I've been blogging with Lisa Jo and company for a few weeks and it's great fun and the bloggy police won't come after you if you go over or anyhing like that. At least they haven't come after me yet!

    Loved what you had to say - please keep coming back on Fridays and having fun with everyone!


    1. Hi Patty! Nice to meet you! I'll definitely try to come again next week. :)


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