Friday, September 13, 2013

5 Minute Friday Fun: MERCY

Hey there friend!
Yay it's Friday!

I'm ready for some Friday fun! But, I'm exhausted.
So, I think I can only manage about five minutes worth of fun tonight.

Yep! You guessed it!

I'm gonna join in the fun with the other gals over at Lisa-Jo's place for ~ 

Even though Lisa Jo has been hosting these bloggy parties or as she calls them "a kind of writing flash mob" for over a year (or maybe two by now) this is only the second time I'm joining in.

So, deep breath.
and GO!


The dictionary says that mercy is a noun.

However, all day I've been humming.... when mercy found me.

It's the main line or catch phrase in the Rhett Walker Band's song When Mercy Found Me.

I love that song. Really, really love it.

"In one moment everything changed 
and who I was got washed away. 
When mercy found me."

Yea, I think mercy is more like a verb than a noun.

God's mercy finds us ....
.... washes us,
.... fills us with peace,
..... gives us joy,
..... and brings healing for our broken hearts.

Maybe the word mercy is a noun, but I'm telling you God's mercy is a verb.

If you haven't experienced it just ask Him. He'll be glad to show you.

and STOP

Whew! OK. I think that's a bit better... or at least less stressful than last week. Yay me!

Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Love ya friend,

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  1. Oh yes, when mercy found me. I like that song too, and often find myself singing it. So thankful His mercy found us!


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