Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wait 'till You See What I've Done With The Place

Hey there friend!

Some changes are coming to my place here in bloggy land!
Oh boy! I've got the decorating bug again.

And guess what friend?! My hubby has given me a blog makeover for my birthday!

Wooo Hooooo!

He is so good to me. He loves me and wants to make me happy. He knows redecorating (after chocolate and the beach) is one of my favorite things and brings me joy.

{ shhhh.}

Now don't say anything but, I think it's also because he knows it would take me hours and hours on many many evenings to do it myself.  It would take me a gazillion tries to design it all and have it turn out just right.

I'm thinking another reason might be that he's not wanting to experience any outbursts of frustration mixed with tears. Maybe even a threat or two. No, no -  not towards my wonderful hubby, but the dumb computer.

Probably the sweetest reason for his gift is he just wants me to himself in the evenings. That's his favorite time of day - when we just relax, talk, and watch TV. Yep, my guy is a bit more romantic and sentimental than me.

Anyways - about this makeover -

Did you notice how bare my "walls" are? I've been doing some house blog cleaning to prepare for the makeover.

Maybe that seems a bit silly. You know- like dusting before the cleaning lady shows up.

Well no, all I'm doing is fixing up my place a bit before Rhonda, the fabulous make-over gal, arrives and takes it all apart. Ummmm.... yea..... OK I guess it's the same thing. So I'm silly. {but we all knew that already}

I'm totally in love with the new design!

After looking at many, many designs, colors and styles on quite a few web and etsy sites I kept coming back to two of Rhonda's designs.

With hubby's help I finally decided on one. Yay!
It's one of  my favorite colors.
It's simple and oh so pretty.
And I think it's a design that won't be dated any time soon. 

I'm having the work done by Rhonda Jai.

She has been so very kind with her quick responses to all my questions.

Once everything is finalized she'll  stop by to work her magic and make this place look all new and beautiful.

It's so exciting. Sometimes it's just the little things that can bring me joy.

Sorry, but I'm not gonna say anything more until my big reveal.

You'll just need to stop by again soon and see what I've done with the place. 

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