Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Five Years And ......

Hi sweet friend! Thanks for stopping by.

It's five years ago today that my Kyle Matthew died, and....

.... my heart is still broken (at first it was totally torn out, but now it's just broken)
.... I still think of him every single day
.... certain things can unexpectedly bring tears to my eyes when I'm reminded of him, just not as often
.... I'd still give anything for five more minutes (one more hug, one more smile, one more "I love you")

It's five years and.....
.... Kyle has been living totally happy and safe in wonderful heaven
.... hopefully others have been touched by our story and faith

It's been five years and ....
.... God is still in control
.... His love never fails and He is forever faithful
.... we know that we will one day have a most joyous reunion with our Kyle Matthew

I guess my perspective hasn't really changed much.
And "life goes on" as they say.
However, it is not true that "time heals all wounds".

I kinda wish I had more to say... something really encouraging.
It's been a rough day and I'm honestly just trying to get through this one. 

So I guess I'll just end with one more thought -
It's five years and ....
.... I'm five years closer to seeing my Kyle again. Oh happy day!


  1. Natasha ~ thanks for stopping by and for that {hug}.


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