Monday, April 11, 2011

Wheelie While You Wait

On my way to work one recent Friday,  I saw a boy, about nine years old, waiting at the bus stop. As I got closer he started down the sidewalk on a pair of those shoes that have wheels in the heels - wheelie shoes. He had dropped his backpack to not be encumbered or slowed down I'm sure. Away he went running a few steps and than up on only the heels of his wheelies and he was flying down the sidewalk.

As I passed by I noticed he was smiling, pumping his arms in the air and enjoying life as he sailed down the sidewalk. In my rear view mirror I saw him turn around and head back to where he had left his backpack.

I really felt like there was a little thought here that the Lord wanted to speak to my heart about.  A little illustration with a meaning. Kinda like a parable. I thought I'd go ahead and share it with you friend.

The illustration:
That boy was enjoying the wait. He really was! That big smile and the freedom he showed sailing down the sidewalk were evidence that he was not worrying about if the bus would come. Not dreading the 20 word weekly spelling test that's usually given on Fridays. He was, for that moment, just plain enjoying life.

The problem:
Right now my daddy is in the hospital. We don't have a definitive diagnosis. The next few days are a bit uncertain. We'll be waiting for the doctor's "ok" to have him  transported to rehab. And most probably after that, after "testing" ( PT & OT) there's a good chance he will not be going home by mom.

The lesson:
Enjoy the wait!  Drop those cares right there. Enjoy a few  moments with freedom and joy!  Smile, pump your arms, and than head back to the spot where you left those things of life that need to be taken care of.

The plan:
Well, yea, I am the OFP (Official Family Planner) so you had to expect I'd have a plan. {This one is inspired by the Lord using a young boy and shoes with wheels in their heels.}

For me, to "wheelie while I wait" will  look something like -
~ first thing I'm gonna do is drop my cares at the feet of Jesus to not be encumbered.
~ I'm gonna enjoy each moment I have with my daddy. Whether he is aware I'm there or not.
~ share my concerns with hubby. He always knows what to say to encourage & comfort me.
~ have a few extra mocha lattes (my version of fist pumping).

So, how about you friend?
Do you have something in your life that you are encumbered by? Something weighing you down?

Just take a little running start, pump your arms in the air and enjoy life. Even if it's for just a minute - go ahead and try it.

I guess the meaning of this little "parable" is: while you're waiting for things to change, for answers or for help to come..... enjoy the moments you are given and "wheelie while you wait".

BTW ~ This post was actually written about a month ago. After nine days in the hospital and a couple of weeks in rehab my dad is back home.

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