Friday, April 29, 2011

Two Weeks Ago

Two weeks ago today.... daddy had been home from rehab for two weeks.
For two whole weeks mom got to have him home by her.
At times it was so very hard and tiring. But, she did it.
He was happy to be home by mom.
Even though he was in pain and had other health issues.

Two weeks ago tomorrow.... daddy went "home" to heaven.
For two whole weeks we've missed him.
It's been so hard and tiring. But, we've done the things we needed to do.
We know he is happy to be "home" by Jesus.
Now, there's no more pain. He can walk straight and see clearly.

Two whole weeks -
It feels like I've lived a month in the last two weeks.
Yet, in some ways it feels like half the time. 
So weird how that happens.

I guess for awhile I'll be measuring time by how long it's been since daddy went home.
Since he went home to heaven and is ok now and happy.
As he would say: he's "okie dokie".


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