Saturday, February 27, 2010

Reflections of our hearts

What are the reflections of your heart? By that I mean - what do you really value in life? Holley Gerth says "Our values are a reflection of our hearts and God has made us unique in what we respond to most." By values she means what is important to you, not morals. I believe these kind of values are things that bring hope and joy to our lives.

Not too long ago I was doing some serious thinking about what I would do if I knew I only had 24 hours left on this earth. Now, don't worry, I wasn't thinking in a depressed sort of way. Life had just gotten way too busy. I was really needing to figure out what is important and what is a priority. If it made the list of what I would do in my last 24 hours than it is truly a priority of priorities.

I love going to the beach and watching sunsets..... that would be nice.
I love chocolate and mocha lattes..... yummmm.
What about my "bucket list"?...hmmmm.

As I became still and allowed my heart to reflect on what is important to me, what I truly value, it became pretty clear - it is simply family and close friends.

Phooey on my "bucket list"! It isn't a very long list and I only have one thing crossed off so far. But things like taking a spin in a Nascar race car, being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune and learning to quilt just aren't that important compared to spending time with my family. In case you're wondering, the one thing I have checked off my "bucket list" is get a tattoo. Actually, I have gotten two - both when I was 50 years old. The second one I drew and so I am a tattoo artist. And yes, they did hurt.

A major step in restoring some hope & joy in my life happened this past Christmas season and it involved special times with my family. It was the first year since my Kyle died that I even felt like celebrating. We didn't do anything big or special. We spent less money than in past years. But the time that was spent with family is priceless. The memories we created from our just being together, sharing food, love and lots of laughter are what has helped bring healing to my heart. It is these things that have helped me move on to the next chapter in my life.

I believe Holley's statement is so very true. These times with family are things I value and are a reflection of my heart. The Lord used the thing I value most to begin my journey to finding hope and joy. I don't know if hope brings joy or joy brings hope. I think it works both ways.

And I believe if I knew I had only 24 hours left on this earth you would find me with my family and a few close friends laughing and sharing and loving. Maybe we'd be at the beach watching a sunset and drinking iced mocha lattes. Priceless!!

BTW~ So, friend, what would you be doing? What are the reflections of your heart? Leave me a comment.

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