Sunday, January 24, 2010

Three simple words ~ Part 2

The plan was to share a little more about the title for my blog. However, as the week has progressed I have discovered it is important for me to remember why I started this blog and what the purpose for it is.

First of all, let me explain something about me... I am a Planner. I love lists, post-it notes and having a routine. I almost always have a plan A and usually a plan B for "just in case". It's just the way I work best- rules, lists, order and organization. That doesn't sound like I am a very fun person. But, I am also sometimes silly, love to laugh, and enjoy time with family and friends. I can be fun! Maybe soon I'll share a few pictures to prove it. :)

So anyways, at the beginning of last week I already had an outline for this blog post. And buddy I had a bunch of Bible verses about hope and joy all ready to go. It was a great list!

Then on Tuesday morning I woke up around 5:00am and started thinking about my blog. I felt the Lord reminding me this is not about having a Bible study. This is not to be about lists and rules and order. This is all about the next chapter in my life's story. It's the one after the chapter titled "Living with Grief".

This was confirmed later that day as I read a blog by Holley Gerth that I'm following. She has given us a 21-day challenge titled "The Rest of Your Story". That day her question for us asked: Are we a Princess, Procrastinator or Planner? She talked about letting the Lord lead us as we walk out our life story. The one He has already planned and designed for us. We are to know we can rest in Him and His love for us. No need to be the perfect princess, no need to be afraid and procrastinate and no need to have all the details planned out.

So I guess those three simple words - "Finding Hope & Joy" are simply the title of the next chapter of my life's story. And yes, I do have a list of ideas for future posts..... but I promise not to get too carried away with my planning. I am really going to try to allow this chapter to be one I enjoy one page at a time. Hope you will follow along and see where this takes me.

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