Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Monday Morning! ~ Rear View Mirror

Hi friend!!!

Happy Monday Morning! 

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I've concluded, 
means believing in advance 
what will only make sense in reverse."
Philip Yancey

I love this quote because it made me stop and think the first time I read it. 
And I knew right away that it was one I wanted to share with you.

I hold onto the knowledge that one day, when I get to heaven, it will ALL make sense.
And I bet half of it that matters so much down here won't even matter once I'm in the presences of my Jesus.

So hang in there friend. Hold onto God's promises. Know that it may not make sense now, but God is truly in control. Hopefully someday, when you look back, it will be as clear as looking in your rear view mirror.

Love ya, 


  1. what a wonderful thought Debbie. Sometimes we try to think too much about things instead of just having faith.


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