Wednesday, October 2, 2013

News Flash

Hey there friend!

A number of weeks ago, right about in the middle of the PS31 online Bible study I was participating in, God gave me a heavenly news flash.

Just to clarify here - I'm talking more of a little smack upside the head than an Aha! moment.

As I was talking to Him about where He is leading me, I once again mentioned about "this whole blogging thing".  Just kind of a general inquiry. Up until now He really hadn't answered when I asked.

To blog? or not to blog?
That is the question.
Or is it?

Yea, well, God being God, knew exactly what I was truly asking.

My  "innocent" question of  
".... and Lord, what do you think about my blogging? Please guide me."
really meant:
- will I ever make it big in bloggy land?
- are my words reaching anyone?
- will  my following grow? 50 followers? 100?
- will anyone miss me if I close up my blogland home?
- will this maybe lead to speaking? an ebook?

So, He decided to let me know exactly what He thought.

This time instead of me not hearing anything, I heard Him loud and clear.
I got the distinct impression in my spirit that He was actually shaking His head and saying to me - "News Flash - blogging is not at the top of my list."

"Say what, Lord?!, was my response as I sat up a bit straighter. "Ummm .... OK ...."

As I thought about it some more, I went from shock to hurt feelings.
Soon I was feeling confused and a bit upset.

In fact, I had to go to my journal and get this mapped out.

Don't worry, I'm ok now and of course God is right.  Because, you see in the grand scheme of life, blogging matters about as much as whether I choose to get an iced coffee from McD or DD.

Ha! That makes me think of someone I knew who would pray about whether to stop at McDonald's or Burger King. Really!? It's a fast food burger people.

So, I guess I should just enjoy sharing and writing here in blogland. Or not do it. Whatever.
It's only a blog. 

Now that it's clear what isn't at the top of God's list of important things in my life - what is?

In the final chapter of the book "What Happens When Women Say Yes To God"
Lysa TerKeurst says -

"Our hearts search for deeper meaning in life, and radically obedient people find it in loving the Lord, loving others He brings in our path, and continually seeking to become more like Jesus."

Yea, that Lysa gal is pretty smart. That's what my heart is searching for. Not more followers of my blog or making a name for myself in blogland.

After completing this six week online Bible study - reading Lysa's book, digging deeper in God's word, spending time in prayer, and journaling - I can tell you that this statement of Lysa's is true.

And that this is the it. This is what's at the top of God's list for my life.

So friend, have you ever been given a news flash by God?

Love ya,


  1. What an amazing story! We DO know when God is talking to us; if we stay quiet long enough to listen. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Ah yes - sitting still long enough to hear what He is saying is so hard for some of us. Yet, when we do hear from our loving heavenly Father it is truly awesome. Thanks for leaving a sweet comment. :)


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