Friday, October 18, 2013

5 Minute Friday Fun: LAUNDRY

Hi friend!

Do you know what day it is? Do ya? It's Five Minute Friday!

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The one word prompt for this week's Five Minute Friday party is "laundry". 

Thankfully, my hubby does 99% of our laundry. Yes, he's definitely a keeper.

The best part is - I know he doesn't do it because he absolutely loves this weekly chore, but because he absolutely loves me.

Like I said - I'm holding on to this guy.

Anyways, it's getting late so I better get started with this post. 

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
and Go!


Hoping my favorite old t-shirt that's so faded, worn and a bit torn can handle one more washing and drying.

It's oh so comfy and hugs me just right.
I've had it for years.
Put it on with an old pair of jeans and just relax on a Friday night.
Add some ice cream with chocolate syrup
{don't have to worry about drips on this old shirt}
and..... ahhhhh! pure bliss.

It's like my dear friend I've known for years.
Being with her is so very comfy.
We've laughed at the same things, hugged away each other's sadness, prayed for each other's kids.

So yea, maybe we're both a bit faded, worn and torn. Life does that ya know.

But, unlike a worn t-shirt, I know our friendship will last forever.
Add a bit of chocolate when we're together and .... ahhhhh! pure bliss.

and STOP!

Five Minute Friday

Hope you have at least one BFF to share life with... and a comfy t-shirt, too.

Love ya,


  1. there is nothing better than a friendship faded. one that shows the marks of fights and tear stained hugs. comfiness to the extreme. thanks for sharing this and reminding me that faded doesn't mean worn out, but comfortable safety.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I love your phrase "comfortable safety". Sums it up in two words. :)

  2. I just recently had to toss my old favourite t-shirt. Parting was bittersweet, as it was just too big. Partly due to old age and a few holes, partly due to me shrinking :) Luckily I do have some great friends instead. Thanks for sharing!

    1. So happy to see you stopped by. Glad to hear you are blessed with great friends. :) Hope you enjoy the weekend!


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