Thursday, June 23, 2011

My God-sized Dream

Yikes! This is a scary one friend. Not my dream.... the topic.... and even scarier is putting it out there. I mean will others think my dream is crazy?

However, I've just started to link up on Thursdays with Bonnie at her Faith Barista Jam and "My God-sized Dream" is the topic for this week.


I thought about just writing something general about how our deepest desires may just be a God-sized dream planted in our heart by God himself.

Or I could have "called in sick" and not even posted.

Since, I'm not one to shy away from a challenge, I'm gonna give it a try. Plus, I really like the fact that when I write and share with you here in bloggy land it seems that by the time I hit "publish post" I see things differently and clearer.

Here I go - I'm jumping in on this week's Jam session!

My God-sized dream plain and simple: I have a dream to sell items that I quilt - on Etsy - to make money - to help orphans. 

Simple enough?  Well, yes and no.

In the last couple of years we've tried two different home based businesses. Both of them in the end have cost us more than we've made. So, I just don't have a lot of confidence in making extra money outside of a "regular" job. {which I already have}

What it comes down to is I have a desire to help orphans and those who are adopting. I even have a plan on how to make the money. It's the actual success of it all working out that I feel will be very God-sized. And makes me say "Yikes" for the second time in one post.

My plan is to sew and sell Raggedy items. There will be rag quilts, rag pillows, inspirational wall hangings and coasters. Maybe even window valences. I've also started creating a pattern for a raggedy teddy bear. Too cute!

I already have an Etsy site. {easy} I already have a second blog about my desire to help orphans. {easy}  I've even made two quilts and two wall hangings for gifts. {easy and fun}   I guess now I really need to get sewing. {easy and time consuming} And then putting items on Etsy. {should be easy} And letting family and friends know. {easy} And then waiting {hard} to see if it's gonna "happen" - if my God-sized dream will become a reality.

Just wait a minute. Back-up.

Let's focus on that one "hard" thing :
Will it work out?
Is God putting this desire in my heart?
Will all of the work bring me to my goal of helping orphans?
Will I be able to persevere and not give up?
Will anyone even want to buy anything?

Now I see it! Do you? It's not the waiting that's so hard! It's the possibility of failing. Again.
{wanna say "yikes" one more time, but I'll refrain}

I don't want to put all that time, effort and hope in this God-sized dream and have it fail.
Yea, well what can I say? Us perfectionist type people don't like to get it wrong.

But, I figure now that I realize what I'm really scared of I can deal with it a whole lot better. One more step in growing my faith and trust. And that's a good thing.

And if by chance it doesn't work out I guess there will be a lot of Raggedy gifts under the Christmas tree this year. Oh dear! That just gave me another idea - a Raggedy tree skirt. How cool is that!?


  1. Keep at it Deb! Since you feel this is your desire, given by the Lord, allow Him to take care of the selling part:0) Just wish I wasn't a "poor" friend, or I would buy one in a heartbeat!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. You were successful, Debbie, the moment you obeyed! Success is not determined in God's eyes by the $$ you make but that you followed the dream he placed in your heart. Success is in the heart, not the result.
    *From a recovering perfectionist*


  3. Stepping out in faith is always a bit scary! Praying for faith to take each step as God leads!!

    Merry Christmas!!
    - Ashley Pichea


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