Monday, June 21, 2010

The Gift of Gab

Something I've been considering is whether or not to change my blog's address (URL) to match the title of my blog. I've read how this is a good idea. The reason for them to match makes sense, but it's not a must. It's just that, me being me, I want to do things the right way and not get in trouble. I've always been this way. Just ask my mom - her Debbie "was always such a good girl". Honest, that's exactly what she'll tell you. However, that is not what my high school history teacher would tell you. I believe she wrote in my yearbook something about how "class certainly would have been dull" without me. And she wasn't talking about my sunny personality. It was more likely my chatting during class that caused her to write that comment.

OK - so back to my little dilemma.... I guess it's ok to leave things the way they are. What would happen if my blog's title and address don't match? I mean, really - would I get a warning notice from blogger land's HOA?! Silly me!

So, I guess it's safe to keep the address I have. I really do like it - debgab. It consists of the first three letters of my first and last names. And I do think it's kind of cute. It's also fitting because I have been told (more than once actually) that I have the "gift of gab". I guess I've just always loved to chitchat or gab.

Let's see - let me count the ways....
- hanging around and chatting after church,
- gabbing on the phone,
- email
- FaceBook
- I even have been known to gab with the stranger in front of me on line at WalMart (which confused my boys when they were little, because we "aren't supposed to talk to strangers are we?")

And now there is blogger land! A great new way for me to exercise my gift of gab. I love leaving comments on other blogs, getting comments here at Finding Hope & Joy (aka "debgab") and commenting back when you leave a comment.

Whether you call it chitchat, gabbing, or sharing - it's all a way we can connect with others. We all need that don't we? To feel we're a part of something. A part of a community. We need to know that we're heard and understood. I wonder why that is......

So friend, what do you think - do you like to gab? Leave me a comment and I promise to sit down for a chat with you.


  1. Love the name of your blog spot. It does fit! I thought it was Debgab because a blog is a place where you think outloud and gab with yourself! Didn't even think to put your first and last name together! :-) I love the sunflower title you found. Perfect fit! Got to have ! Love ya! Hez

  2. deb,

    ty for remembering me. i absolutely loved reading it. i think its a great thing to do. i love the Lord too, with all my heart. u r such a good, honest, person. i would love to chat sometime.


  3. Debbie, yes, I love commenting and comments too, and I thank you so much for the encouraging one you left me several days ago at my blog!......I will keep working on it! I truly loved hearing from you....I think of you as the "sun flower girl".....Blessings to you Debbie! Cate

  4. Sherry ~ So glad you stopped by. Thank you for your comment and kind words. Interesting that you say I am good & honest. I know I try to be. Interestingly, I have been reading and rereading Romans chapter 12 this past week. It talks a lot about how to live our lives in a loving and good way. I'm trying each day to live my life as pleasing to the Lord. If you see that in me it must be Jesus working thru me. Love ya! ps~ Jesus love you sooooo very much!!

  5. Hez ~ Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Isn't the sunflower stuff pretty?! Glad you like it. Love ya too!

  6. Cate ~ So glad you're gonna keep on blogging. Yea!! "Sunflower girl"... cute, I like that! :)


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