Monday, April 13, 2015

You Were Created For.....

Hi friend!!!

Happy Monday Morning!
 Have you ever wondered what you were created for?

Are you living the life God intends for you to live?
Or are you playing things safe and never taking risks or trying something new?

Following God's purpose may not feel safe and may seem like it's too big, or hard, or not you {or whatever excuse you want to use}, but it's when we live the way God planned for us that we truly live.

"A ship in harbor is safe,
but that is not what ships are built for."
John A. Shedd
photo courtesy of Photobucket
When I create a quilt I expect it to be used for warmth and comfort. If it were to be kept safe on a closet shelf it would not be fulfilling the purpose I created it for. And that would make me sad. There's a lot of planning, time and love that goes into the making of each one of my quilts.
I wonder if it makes God sad when we play things safe and don't live each day fully? When we refuse to try new things....  especially things He is placing on our hearts to do or talents He's given us to use.
Starting today, let's choose to live brave and fulfill our God given purpose. 
Because you see, friend.......

"We weren't made to just survive the day.
We were made to thrive."
Casting Crowns

 Love ya, 

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  1. Deb this is beautiful, so simple yet so strong. This made me and will make other Christian's think about how we are living for God.


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