Wednesday, February 5, 2014

On The Hard Days Remember - You Matter {Coffee For Your Heart}

Hey there friend!

I realize that when you're having a hard day you might not care about having your life tell a great story. Maybe you just want to get home, lock the door, (hopefully) feed the dog, eat ice cream for dinner and go to bed.

Well, like it or not, our lives do tell our story. Even on the bad days.

So go ahead - go home and eat a whole carton of moose tracks ice cream for dinner. {I mean if that's your thing after a really bad day - go for it.}

But, don't give up.

You see friend - you matter.
{Did you see there that I bolded, italicized and underlined those two words? Just wanted to make sure you don't miss them.}

And your life's story matters. So don't you quit.

I believe that even on the hard days you can touch someone else's life. Yes, you can make a difference.

Maybe all you've got to give is a knowing and compassionate smile for that young mom. The one with two kids and a crying baby who was in line behind you when you stopped on your way home to buy that carton of ice cream. She needed a smile. Everyone else seemed to be looking at her with a frown and questioning eyes that ask why her kids are misbehaving. And can't she make the baby stop that screaming?! Did you know that your kind and uncondemning smile helped ease some of her tension and helped her not feel so alone?

You matter.

And what about the elderly neighbor who met you at the mailbox when you finally got home. You really didn't want to bother with anyone. But, you took a moment to listen. To tell him you'd be praying for him. It was just a moment in your hard day {as your ice cream was beginning to melt}. But, it meant the world to him.

You matter. 

Are you seeing it now?
Even in the small and seemingly inconsequential moments of your day you touch others around you in a way only you can do.

And it matters. It's a beautiful part of your story. Yes, beauty even on those hard days.

So friend, at the end of your hard day know......
..... that you lived it well.
..... you didn't quit.
..... your life's story is going to be great.

And never, ever forget that you matter.

 ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* I'm linking up with Holley Gerth's  Coffee for Your Heart  link-up series on Wednesdays

* Today's prompt is -  
What are the encouraging words 
you want to hear when 
you're having a bad day?

Love ya, 

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  1. Thanks for letting us know that we matter> Keep rocking the light sweetness!


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